March 10

Articles – Are You Missing The Opportunity?


Yes, I am diligently avoiding doing more of the serialised articles from Writing E-Books for Fun and Profit. Well…actually, I’ve decided to just use one day each week for serialised articles.

Why? Did I hear someone ask why?

I was really hoping someone would ask that. Thank you.

Articles are a great way of putting content out into the world and getting people to notice you. On the other hand, I’m don’t think serialised articles are particularly good content for a blog. That’s what newsletters and ezines are for.

My compromise is to put articles on the blog just once a week. That way, you get to see the articles, but my lovely little blog here doens’t get boring. You can always see any of my articles by visiting

You can even subscribe to an e-mail alert system that lets you know when I’ve published a new article.

Are you getting the idea of how important writing articles is to your online presence?

Especially when you put them to work for you with You can join for free, it’s free to submit articles, and they have a very high level of respect in the online community.

For example, you have to start by submitting 10 articles. Those 10 articles get checked over and published. Once you have 10 published articles, your account is reviewed for platinum status. Platinum status is free, and it means you can submit an unlimited articles. even has a free service that let’s you tweet your articles. Yes, every time you publish an article, will tweet all your followers about the new article.

I used my serialised articles for the e-book to jump start my account. By the time I had 9 articles live, my profile had been viewed 49 times, my articles had been read 336 times, and one of them had been published.

That’s in less than two weeks.

Plus – and here’s the big plus for me, personally – I’m submitting articles for my clients. Just think about that for a minute.

A client hires me to write an article, or to edit their work. They get to publish it in their own newsletter and on their site. Then I take it and post it on

Here’s the cool part: They get the byline, but the article is submitted through my account. That means everyone who see the articles knows I either wrote it or edited it, and the person with the byline is my client.

You can see how that’s a portfolio and an endorsement wrapped up in one spot.

So start writing some articles.

Need some help? I’m already doing it for clients and myself. Drop me a line and ask if there’s room in my schedule for your project.

And make sure you visit They have a TON of information to help you write good articles.



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  1. Hi Conrad

    I have a question regarding Article writing & posting.

    When you write your articles and want to post them on multiple social media sites as well as, etc, is there a way of posting your article to multiple sites at once or do you have to post the article individually to each site?

    Also, when you are just starting out and you are trying to get your name out there, is there such a thing as posting to too many sites?

    I have read that you should only pick a couple of sites to post your articles and not post the article to the many sites that are out there? Is this considered a taboo to submit to too many sites?

    I love “the Marketing Spotlight” it’s full of great tips and it’s a great read.


  2. Hi Carol,

    I’m sorry to take so long responding to your comment. Things have been busy with the launch of the teleseminar series.

    Yes, there are services and software that will submit your article to multiple sites at once.

    They’re okay to use, but some sites do prevent you from submitting that way.

    As for submitting your articles to too many sites at once…hmmm…I disagree with that idea. What you want to pay attention to is that you are submitting to relevant sites.

    Whether there are 10 or 200 doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as making sure your content is relevant. For example, you can submit an article more than once at as long as the article is relevant to every category you submit it to.

    It’s hard to think of a situation that makes too much exposure a bad thing.


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