June 4

Aweber – a great business partner



This is the “regular” post I promised earlier today. Here’s the back story:

I’ve been using Aweber for about a year and am ENTIRELY satisfied with what they do. They also have good support, and lots of educational resources. You can even take articles from their site and use them for content – just be sure to give attibution to Aweber.

Recently, I decided to start promoting Aweber as an affiliate. After all, I like their service, it’s well priced, and everybody needs an e-mail manager service.

Naturally, I registered a domain name – UseAweberForEMail.com.

A couple days later, I got an e-mail from Sean Cohen, Director of Operations, at Aweb er. Here’s what he said:

It has come to my recent attention that you registered the domain useaweberforemail.com  I realize you are using it to promote AWeber but we can’t allow other people to use our trademarked name when registering domain names.  This is a direct infringement on our trademark and also a violation of our terms of service.

I am going to have to ask you to respectfully cancel out that domain name as soon as possible.

Stop and think about this for a second…Aweber is a BIG company. They don’t have a need to be polite or courteous. And they certainly don’t have to get their Dir of Ops to address an issue like this.

Yea, I know…you’re thinking it’s some assistant answering e-mails in his name.

Okay, let’s say it is. Does that change the fact that everything they’re doing is polite and courteous? Here’s the next reply Sean sent when I wanted to verify I’d done the right thing:

Thank you for taking down the domain.  If you’re registrar doesn’t allow cancellations please just then let it expire while keeping it as is.

After this, Sean even took time to review my first issue of The Testing Spotlight to make sure I was using Aweber’s content correctly. I sent him an e-mail to asked if he’d take a look, and he said sure – just send him a copy.

Now here’s the real kicker – Aweber gives you a customised URL for your affiliate link. Instead of having to use a big, long obvious affiliate link, Aweber lets me use conradschoice.aweber.com.


And seriously, the only way you’re going to get a better service than Aweber is to move into the proprietary e-mail software used by companies like ETR and Agora.

I took the time to speak with John Possidente. List building and managing e-mail lists is his whole business. There are some things about every e-mail manager service – including Aweber – that he would change. And he agrees Aweber is a good choice for folks like you and me.

Here’s that link again: conradschoice.aweber.com.

Take a look for yourself.



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