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Technorati Claim Process – Part Deux


That last post is a code from It’s part of their process for verifying that the blog I want to claim really is mine.

The idea behind “claiming your blog” on Technorati is that it helps raise the visibility of your blog.

Have a blog? Head over to and set up your free account. It’s easy and quick.


XSitePro2 – powerful software


Jason Gaspero sent me an e-mail last week. He’s using XSitePro2, too – and he says the tutorials are dynamite.

Well, you just know when he wrote that I’d have to go and check out a tutorial. After all, I suck at watching tutorials – I’m always hitting the fast-forward.

When you get XSitePro – just go to – you’ll want to watch some of the tutorials.

Ordinarily, I’d tell you a little about Continue reading

Connecting Social Media


This is part answer and part question.

You see, I’ve been chatting with Jim Turner, Michael Stelzner and a couple of other people good at social media. By the way, Jim’s ONLY source for lead generation is now social media. He’s good at it.

One thing I’ve learned is that there are lots of tools to connect social media services to Twitter. I wonder if Twitter will become a Continue reading

The King is in The House


That’s right…The King…

Of Business Opportunities – Marc Charles.

The man with 25 years experience starting and running successful business, plus consulting on “many, many more.”

Here’s a guy so successful, he’s taking the time to be the Ralph Nader of the internet business community. Just hop on over to Continue reading

The Obama Protocols are coming


The copy is written, the experts are scheduled, and Johnny is building the site.

Are you ready to put the Protocols to work and achieve the same kind of success Barack Obama did using information and the internet?

Remember, Barack Obama doesn’t really know any more about the internet than you or I do…He was just smart enough to take the advice of experts and work the system.

We’ve put together a series of free teleconference calls and we’ll

New Releases – How To Handle Them


The Instant Bestseller Formula is done and ready for release.

Bob will probably have the landing page up by Monday and I’ll let you know how to find it when he does.

So how do you handle releasing a new e-book? We’ve all seen it happen, but what’s behind the spinning dollar signs and the feel-good glow?

Everyone who’s read Writing E-Books for Fun and Profit already knows the answer, but let’s go through it here.

The Obama Protocols – Coming Soon


This is just a quick announcement to let you know the copy is almost done for the Obama Protocols.

This is an amazing project. I think it’s going to make a big difference to all of us and our businesses.

The Obama Protocols will be released in March. Start telling your friends – I’ll write about it here as we get closer to launching. Have you ever been part of something that makes you giddy just thinking about it?

Think of the gopher from Caddy Shack…you know that little dance he does? I don’t mind telling you – sometimes that’s me when I’m working on this project. That’s how much the Obama Protocols are impressing me.

Stay tuned…


p.s. I’ll still make my regular post at around 4 pm EST. Thanks for reading everyone.