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E-Books – Create a Few Bonus Reports


Bonus reports increase both the real and perceived value of your information product. They show customers that buying your e-book gives them extra value and extra information.


Everyone likes getting something for free – a bargain. Short bonus reports enable you to give customers both. They get a bargain by getting extra stuff when they buy your e-book, and they are getting it for free.


The most important element of a Bonus Report is that the information must be relevant to your topic.


An e-book on hiring an honest contractor might have a Bonus Report telling you how to get a low-rate on a home equity loan or second mortgage to pay for your expensive home renovation. That could be useful to people buying houses to renovate and resell. Another bonus report would be one that shows customers how to locate their local building code, and how to speak with building inspectors. Everyone doing a renovation will need that information.


The number of reports, or premiums, you include isn’t as important as what is in those premiums. To continue with the renovation example, Home Depot gives away a CD that allows you to get updated material prices electronically. This CD is normally given only to contractors, so you can see how it would make a valuable premium if Home Depot allows you to include it with your e-book.


Here are three tips for creating  bonus reports as premiums for your e-book:.

1. Use bonus reports to add detail.

Use your reports to give more information on a particular aspect of your topic. For example, you might have one section that is very long – 15 or 20 pages. Shorten it to five or six pages, and use the more detailed information to produce a bonus report.

2. Vary the Size

Bonus reports can be anything from a single page to a complete e-book. It could also be a piece of software, a CD or DVD, or a free one-month membership to a subscription web site.


Using physical items as premiums enables you to collect mailing addresses. This is excellent for introducing direct mail to your business model.


3. Make Your Bonus Reports Worth Having

Allow me to be blunt. If you hand someone something for free and it’s crap – do you think they are going to give you money for something else?


Imagine going into a car dealership. They offer you a cup of coffee, and hand it to you in a dirty mug.


Imagine going into a different car dealership. They offer you a cup of coffee, and ask you to have a seat in a comfortable chair. When the coffee arrives, it is on a small platter with cream and sugar packets and three or four cookies.


Which dealer cares about the customer?


Bonus Tip

Make double use of your research file by including relevant material you could use in a report.


As you’re doing research, keep in mind that articles and reports help to promote your e-book. My preference is to use two tabs – one for articles and one for bonuses.


When I come across information that’s good for the e-books and might be useful elsewhere, I make a second copy and put it under the appropriate tab.


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