Editorial Copywriting – the uniquely common niche


When’s the last time you heard someone mention Editorial Copywriting?

I’ll bet it happened when you were standing next to me or Bob Bly.

Google tells me the keyword phrase “editorial copywriting” is searched only 36 times each month. That’s incredible when you consider there isn’t a single information product that gets produced without editorial copywriting.

Editorial Copywriting is the art of crafting non-fiction, how-to information that fulfills all the promises from the promotional copy, induces customers to actually USE your information, and opens the door to a treasure trove of secondary and back-end sales.

It’s what I do every time I write a book, create a report or make any other information product for a client.

So what’s the difference between editorial copywriting and what everyone else is doing? Well, I wish I could tell you in a paragraph or two…

What I can tell you easily is that it turns a standard information product into a selling tool for multiple information products. Read through any of my books and you’ll see it in action.

Got questions? Want to know why Bob Bly says I’m the best editorial copywriter he knows?

Easy. Post a comment – ask your question. I’ll do my best to answer it for you.


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