January 21

Editors – Anywhere, Anytime – Always Valuable



Suzanne Richardson has a great, short article in today’s ETR newsletter.

The address for the article is listed as a trackback with this post – but I’m still not clear about how trackbacks work. So, this link takes you there (I hope  😉  ).

There are also several past articles Suzanne has written listed at the bottom of the page. You should take some time to read those, too.

What I’d like to add is that almost anyone can help you as an editor. The only real qualification is that they have to be willing to be honest with you.

Yes, professional editors have more qualifications than that. But your sister, neighbour, or co-worker can read your piece and tell you if they understand it (reading for clarity). The fact that Charlie took a while to pick up on Suzanne’s use of “and” shows you that even good editors can miss something.

Take your work and show it to several people. Get their honest opinion and make use of it.

There’s a bonus in this for you, too.

You know how we all have this thing about showing our work before it’s finished? Heck, sometimes it’s even hard to show it to our editor. Well, when you start to think of everyone as a potential editor it’s a little bit easier to let them read that unfinished piece.

And guess what? Letting someone read a piece, getting their opinion, and using it to make the writing stronger – ALSO BUILDS CONFIDENCE.

I didn’t even realise that until I was reading Suzanne’s article this morning.

I used to be really afraid of showing anyone my writing until it was done. Working with a mastermind group and making the effort to do exactly what I’ve just suggested has helped me get over that fear.

Sure, I still get a little twinge when I send something out for feedback, critique, editing – whatever you want to call it. Then when it comes back, it’s like sitting down to a good supper when you’re really hungry.

It’s invigorating to dig into the comments someone makes and look at how to make your own writing better.

Give it a try. Soon you’ll be able to find an editor anywhere at anytime.



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