Honesty in Marketing


I got an e-mail today from a fellow marketer with the subject line “Bad News.”

Unfortunately, he opened the e-mail by telling me the subject was just a cutsie lie to get me to open the e-mail. Added to this is that he’s claiming he learned this little trick from Frank Kern.

I have a little bit of trouble believing Frank Kern is using fake subject lines to get e-mails opened.

Think about it for a second…you have a list that you’ve developed a relationship with. Some of your subscribers have been with your for years, and they’ve purchased from you several times.

Then you start sending e-mails with subject lines that aren’t related to the content. You send them an e-mail that says “Bad News” for a subject line, then open the e-mail by saying there really isn’t any bad news.

How do you think your subscribers will react?

Do you remember that line we used to hear all the time? That a reputation takes a lifetime to build, and just one decision to ruin?

Anytime anyone tells you using a lie is a good marketing tactic – you need to turn away and leave. They’re giving you bad advice.

Conrad Hall

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