November 4

Hubspot’s Mike Volpe Agrees with Me


Mike is hosting a Hubspot webinar tomorrow titled “Social Media is B.S.”

Imagine that.

Here’s the first paragraph from the sign-up page:

In this webinar Mike discusses how much the marketing power of social media is exaggerated.  Social media is not magic, and fundamental marketing strategies shouldn’t be thrown out the window and replaced by new social media techniques.

So go sign up now.

Because anyone who has listened to me speak, or read Friends, Followers and Customer Evangelists, knows I’ve been saying the same thing since August 2009. They’ve even paraphrased my exclamation that social media is not a magic wand.

And check out Mike at his site –

Social media can’t fix what’s broken, but it can sure take up time, scatter your focus, and make you feel real good by keeping you busy.

You can imagine how good I feel to be joined by the folks at Hubspot.

Just as I’ve cleared the air around social media – and you know the cow-patty gurus have been smelling the place up – I have always recommended Hubspot as a solid source for information and learning. They’re recommended repeated in FFCE, and I use their grading tools all the time. For myself, and for clients.

So seriously, go sign up for their webinar tomorrow. Even if you can’t attend, they’ll have it available as a recording. Hubspot is huge on doing everything they can to deliver reliable, relevant content.

And if you like what he has to say (I’m sure you will). Send him a note asking him to do a segment on Social Media: Cheap and Easy. He’d be a great guest for the radio show.


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