February 24

Is Pampers Crazy or What?



Maybe it’s just me, but I just saw a Pampers commercial that made me cringe.

The commercial starts by telling you 135,000 babies die before their first birthday because of infant tetanus.

Okay. That sounds like a significant and solveable problem.

But then Pampers says they’ll give out 1 LIFE SAVING vaccine for every pack of Pampers we buy.

Are they kidding? They’ll save a baby’s life in exchange for a bag of diapers?

So how many LIFE SAVING vaccines will they give out if there are only 130,000 bags of diapers sold?

It seems to me that if they can afford to pay for a LIFE SAVING vaccine (have I stressed the life saving part enough?) out of the profits from a bag of diapers – they can probably donate the money needed to cure this problem. After all, it’s UNICEF that’s getting the money.

Maybe the advertising department for P&G should consider how much GOOD PR they could get grom being the company that eliminates infant tetanus.

What do you think?

Tell your friends to watch for this commercial. And let’s send a messgae to Proctor & Gamble. This kind of advertising is disgusting. It makes them look like they’re holding babies hostage unless we buy their product.

Or am I just being overly sensitive?



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