December 22

Learning Curves – Making Them Easier and Fewer


Good Morning,

I just approved a comment from Cindy King that really got me thinking.

We have all experienced trying to learn about Internet Marketing and discovering “there is SO much to learn.” But the truth is – as I’m discovering – that there is a lot TO DO, and very little we actually need to learn.

That’s the primary purpose of the E-Book Tele-Workshop Series. Everything you do to create, publish and market an e-book is what you do for every kind of information product you create – even the ones you are promoting as an affiliate.

I’m going to give you just one learning curve.

Once you’ve digested the information from the E-Book Tele-Workshop Series, you’ll be ready to create, publish and promote ANY information product.

If you’re like me, you’ll always keep picking up new tips and tricks about web site design, testing methods, using autoresponders and lots of other things. After all, a big part of what makes us tick is that desire to keep learning and growing.

But you DON’T NEED all that learning to make money marketing information products on the internet.

That’s the key – separating what is NECESSARY from what is USEFUL.

You know all the information about there is useful. If it weren’t, then the marketers wouldn’t last long pedalling it. Just because it’s useful, that doesn’t mean you need to know it – or even use it – to be successful. That’s the kind of thing they add because it’s good marketing.

On the subject of good marketing – I’ve already had answers back from several of the experts invited to participate in the E-Book Tele-Workshop Series. Every answer has been a resounding “YES.”

In January, I’ll be following-up with all of them and providing details about subjects, call scheduling, affiliate structure, and all the other “boring” administration stuff that has to be covered. Then I’ll be able to give you a call schedule and topical outline.

That’s it for today. I’ll be taking December 24, 25 and 26 off – no posts those days.

Have a merry Christmas everyone.



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