May 26

Multi-channel Marketing



I’m working my way through Changing the Channel (MaryEllen Tribby and Michael Masterson) for the second time.

This time I played it smart – I bought a copy. Last time, I borrowed it from the library. Bad move – libraries don’t like you making notes in their books  😉

Here’s just one aspect of multi-channel marketing – and it’s taking up a lot of my attention right now:

Social media.

For starters, I’m rationing myself to one hour per day – and this includes time I spend writing blog posts. So, if I miss a day you know it’s because I got caught up in some other aspect of social media.

(I think I need an assistant.)

Anyway, what I’m on about today are two services called Disqus and Intense Debate.

Both of these help you connect your social media outlets so that, for example, when you post to your blog it tweets for you.

Okay, that’s no big deal, I know. But these providers also keep you informed about comments coming back from your friends and connections. That’s what makes them really useful.

So, today, I’m asking you a question: Have you used either of these tools?

I know Michel Fortin is trying to decide which one to use – and now so am I.

Is there another tool like these that you use instead?

Let me know. I’m interested to learn, and make better use of my social media time.

Thank you.



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