February 5

New Book – The Instant Amazon Best-Seller Formula



The final draft is done and in the hands of the graphic designer.

Do you have a book and want to send it to best-seller status? The Instant Amazon Best-Seller Formula shows you how to do it!

Bob Bly sent his latest release Persuasive Presentations for Business to #1 in three Amazon categories using The Instant Amazon Best-Seller Formula.

We’ll be reproducing that result – just to prove it really works – with Bob’s next book release, too!

Stay tuned here for the release of The Instant Amazon Best-Seller Formula. I’ll let you know how to get your copy as soon as the designer finishes making it look great.

Would you like help getting your book written and into print?

Have you bought the how-to resources and tried to write it yourself? And now you’re ready to have some help to get it done?

Now’s your chance to get a foot in the door with Bob Bly’s #1 writer…but you have to be ready to get your book finished.

Bob has already contracted two more books with me, the E-Book Tele-Workshop Series is coming up, and time is always at a premium.

Do you need help with writing, but not necessarily a book? Are you putting out articles and writing reports that you know need help, but you haven’t been able to find an editor?

Now’s your chance to get the help you want…

There are two – that’s just 2 – slots available in my schedule for editing and coaching.

And that’s it for my shameless self-promotion. You don’t see much of that here – and I’m thankful to be busy, believe me. There’s room enough in my schedule for one book project or two editing gigs – and then my schedule’s full (read: no waiting list).

Before I go, there is a post over at The Total Package you should have a look at.


Daniel Levis wrote it – it shows the solutions for four common e-mail mistakes. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about another resource for Whitelisting. Next week, I’m going to follow-up on some advice from Steve Slaunwhite about why you simply MUST write an informatino product.



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