December 10

Old Knowledge – It’s Truly Valuable


Good Morning,

The wheel has been around, and around, and around – for a while.

Ever wonder why we keep using it?

Well…duh…because it works, of course.

Same’s true of things like books and knowledge. That came home to me this morning while reading an e-mail from my VA (virtual assistant).

The top item on her Christmas list is a copy of Naopleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”

What you might not realise is that “Think and Grow Rich” is so old, it’s now public domain material. I have a pdf copy on my external drive and sent Carol a copy when I replied to her e-mail.

So here’s the point: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

We’re all in business – some of us are copywriters, others hire copywriters, still others wish they could find a copywriter. Now tell me how long it is since Space Ads disappeared from the advertising scene?

Oh, wait a second, they haven’t disappeared. Come to think of it, direct mail is still going strong, classified ads work, and people really do buy books.

The next time you’re thinking about grabbing the latest best-seller on advertising, or running after the latest social-media craze, stop yourself. PIck up a copy of some book by David Olgivy or John Caples instead.

Remind yourself of the fundamentals. Be sure you’re doing the basics before you go for the frills (or thrills).

Your customers still want value for dollars, good return on their investment, and to know they can trust you. So did their daddies, and their grandmothers, and their great-grandparents.

Here’s a page of knowledge – old and new.

Some of the books listed are old enough to now be public domain material – that means you can find them on the internet and download them for free. Others are newer so you can visit the library and borrow them. (Remember the library folks – talk about a treasure trove)

That’s my incoherent post for the day. Did you like it? Feel free to comment.  😉



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