March 11

Project of a Lifetime



The Obama Protocols goes live (I hope) next week.

Johnny is working on the site…hooking up the e-commerce tools…connecting the pages and setting up the bonus downloads.

I’m wrapping up copy, writing promo e-mails, doing scripts for the calls…and a whole lot of other stuff.

You know what makes this the project of a lifetime? It’s a combination of the opporunity and the work involved. Especially since I’m not outsourcing much.

I know, outsourcing makes a lot of sense – and it would definitely have made this easier for me. My only real reason for not outsourcing more is that I wanted to have a gut level understanding of the work involved.

After all, how do I write a book about how hard it all was if I go and make it easy on myself?

But seriously, the opportunity is amazing. Think of how much copy I’m writing – landing pages, e-mails, ask campaigns, working with other experts, joint ventures, affiliates and affiliate supports.

Then add in the list building I’ll do, the exposure and the relationships being built.

Are you seeing why it’s the project of a lifetime?

And the most exciting part is that, by this time next year, this will seem like a small project. I’ll be looking for another “project of a lifetime.” Yippee!!



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