October 19

Relationship Marketing means Team Building


Okay. So like we don’t already know this, right?

But if we all know this, why do so many people have jobs that suck? And why are there always “bad experience” stories from customers? Maybe we don’t know this as well as we want to believe.

So let’s get some help.

I’ve brought together two interviews that give you insight on how to build your team, and a tool you can use. The insight comes from Brad Saul and Kathryn Fink.

Brad is the owner of Matrix Media, and several other companies in the Chicago area. Matrix Media is also the company I’ve partnered with to produce the radio show Social Media: Cheap and Easy (#smce). So you can see how I got to learn about his team building style and skill.

When Brad was looking for someone to host a radio show on social media, he reached out to 4 people. The first contact was by e-mail. In my case, it was to say that he hardly ever reads the R.T.I.R. magazine but found me in it while he was stuck on a Tech Support call.

Now, you might be thinking that’s a less than stellar way to introduce yourself. It certainly caught my attention as odd. And that’s what got me to reply. I just had to know whether this guy was straight-up honest, or a wee bit of a loony.

The long and short of it is that Brad got me talking about social media, and just let me roll with it. Our first telephone conversation ended up being 90 minutes! When we were getting off the phone, Brad joked that he hardly even speaks to his wife for so long.

There’s a lot more that we cover in the interview, but the crux of team building for Brad is the chemistry he develops with his people. It makes a lot of sense. (Listen to the interviews.)

In the other direction, Kathryn talks about building a team with your customers.

Kathryn is with Meetup.com, and she is in charge of Strategy and Community for Meetups Everywhere. Let me explain what that is…

Kathryn’s focus is helping organisations be involved with, and be talking to their customers. Meetup.com does this on a local basis. Meetups Everywhere let’s organisations with a national or international audience do it, too.

With Meetup.com you pay a small fee to organise a group ($12/month), and Meetup helps you promote your group. Meetups Everywhere is free so you really need to have an established customer base to make good use of it. That’s why it works well for a non-profit such as ShelterBox USA and a for-profit such as Mashable.

I already talk about Meetup.com a lot, so this time we put a lot of time and effort into exploring Meetups Everywhere. It’s a great to way to test, develop and grow the level of engagement you have with your customers.

After all, if you want them to become your evangelists, then they have to be part of your team. (Listen to the interviews.)

When you’ve listened to the interviews, take a minute to let me know what you think. Post a comment here, then pass on the link to your friends and business colleagues.

Thank you for reading.


Conrad Hall

Life is a marathon. Be social.


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