January 1

Remember to relax



It’s January 1st. I’ve been walking around downtown enjoying the sunshine and the quiet.

After all, it isn’t often that the streets of Toronto are this empty! I haven’t even heard a siren today.

This also makes me think of a conversation I had with Carol recently. She was asking me about my New Year’s resolutions. You see, Carol is stoping smoking and she wanted to know if I’m making any resolutions.

I’m pretty relaxed about resolutions. There’s no need to make them now – resolving to do something just gets done when there is something to do. That’s easy enough.

When there is something I need to change about my life, why would I wait until January 1st? I just point myself where I want to go and work on getting there. Want an example?

Okay. I don’t like how often I swear. In the last year, I have noticed my language has become quite spotty. Since I don’t like it, and it’s generally bad for business, I decided to change this behaviour when I noticed it becoming a problem. No point waiting for year end, is there?

So get relaxed with those resolutions. It’s kind of like saying nice things to your wife/husband/son/daughter/mother/whatever – you don’t need a special occassion.

Just do it. One day at a time, one effort each day.

Remember: The man who would move mountains begins by carrying small stones.



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