June 10

Rich Schefren’s GPS is a maybe…


GPS is short for guided profit system.

Rich has taken his GPS system, updated it and made it even better than it was the first time around. And he’s releasing GPS 2.0 tomorrow!

Obviously I like Rich, and I know he puts a lot of heart, and a lot of energy, into everything he does. You only have to read any one of his free reports to realize — Rich gets it. He wants you to succeed and he’s doing everything he can to make it possible.

The reason I see GPS 2.0 is a “maybe”, is because I’m not sure you are ready for him.

Rich Schefren is the guy everybody turns to when they have a problem and they need to get it solved. There’s no question that Rich knows what he’s doing, and his GPS 2.0 can help you build a bigger and better business.

The question is: Are you prepared to do what’s necessary to benefit from Rich’s knowledge and experience?

Rich is not some kind of magic wand or genie. If you’re going to be part of GPS 2.0, then you’d best be ready to do some work.

Start by checking out the video and the case studies Rich and his staff have put together. Here’s the link to Rich’s blog: http://www.strategicprofits.com/blog/

And I mean really check this stuff out. Take an hour out of your day today – yes, an hour – to at least read the copy and listen to three case studies. Leave the video alone for now because you just don’t have time to absorb everything that’s in it.

Rich’s GPS 2.0 goes live tomorrow at noon Eastern.

After tomorrow, and whether you decide to participate or not, you can take all the time you want to go back, watch that video, and – if you’re smart – you’ll be taking a lot of notes about what Rich has to say.

Tomorrow – Thursday – at noon Eastern, I’m going to send my subscribers another e-mail telling them that Rich’s GPS 2.0 is live.

The subject for that e-mail is: The E.F. Hutton of Internet Marketing.

If you’re serious about doing what’s necessary to move your business forward, then click on the link in the e-mail and get in on Rich’s GPS 2.0.

I’m truly sorry if that seems brutal when you read it, but I mean every word. Rich and his team have gone to a lot of effort to put this program together, make a solid marketing campaign, and they have outstanding promotional copy.

We owe them the courtesy and respect of taking everything they have put together and using it to build successful, profitable businesses.




Not one of my subscribers? Well, shame on you 😉

Jump over to www.conradhallcopywriting.com and sign-up. But just to show you I’m more interested in you making a good choice about this than I am in my e-mail list – here’s the link that goes in the e-mail: https://schefren.infusionsoft.com/go/GPS2/conradh/

Yep, it’s an affiliate link. And I’m still telling you – if you aren’t serious, then don’t use it.


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