Small Business Marketing Success With Social Media

Most small business marketing is still missing the boat when it comes to making profits with social media. That’s because most of the advice those businesses are getting isn’t even good enough to use as fertilizer.

In this week’s episode, we look at specific examples of how the media and cow-pattie-gurus are making the matter worse.

Then we move right into proven, tested methods for using social media profitably. I also give you a resource you can explore to get help with social media if you want it. They charge a fee, of course, and they’ll be worth every penny.

Come back here Wednesday for the article titled “Social Media Success Formula.”

Because it’s the holiday season, we wrap up the show with some practical advice for keeping yourself safe in social media and on the internet.

Thank you for listening, and for reading. Be sure to tell me what you like about this week’s show, and especially if there’s something you didn’t like. Leave a comment by clicking on the article title. That takes you to the page where comments can be posted.

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