June 24

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First, I’m trying to fix the problem with my WP Template – it shows properly in FireFox, but not in IE. If I can’t get it to show properly in IE, I’ll have to switch templates.

Wish me luck.

About Social Bookmarking. Do you use this?

You can see from my blog that I’m working with different WP plugins that allow readers to bookmark pages. What I’m wondering is: What kind of pages get bookmarked?

I tweet things, and I write about stuff I find here – on my blog – but I don’t bookmark pages.

What kind of content do you find valuable enough to give it a social bookmark? For example, I have a bookmark in my browser for a page from Michel Fortin where he lists a whole bunch of resources. Now that I’m thinking about social bookmarking, I think this is the kind of page that would be of use to a lot of people.

But take a post like this one – do you think asking a question like this is worth a social bookmark?

Then I think of the post I made this morning – about interviewing Rich Schefren next week. That’s time sensitive so giving it a social bookmark doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t these bookmarks last forever?

It’s a given that you need a lot of people to bookmark a page before it rises to popularity. But I would think the search function from any of the social bookmarking sites would let you find specific content.


What do you think? I’ve asked a ton of questions in this post – what are some of yours? Or, if you have answers, please feel welcome to add them.

Enjoy your day.



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