October 3

Social Media For Survival, Amazon Listens, And Facebook Makes Changes


Can tweeting get you killed?

The rise of violence in Mexico has caused news outlets, and even the authorities, to stop covering what criminals are doing. In response, citizen journalists are spreading the news and helping to keep people safe. But the criminals don’t like being tweeted about.

In countries where freedom is not guaranteed, social media has become a tool for survival. Listen to know what’s happening, and how you can support the citizen journalists.

That same journalistic spirit is alive and well with Social Media: Cheap and Easy. Amazon listened and shows signs of turning toward capitalism with their digital library efforts. They’ve literally joined with public libraries and now it’s possible to read that borrowed e-book on your kindle.

Hear the story on Social Media: Cheap and Easy.

We also look at the changes Amazon is making to their kindle. It’s in colour now, and the new version can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

It has been a while since I’ve seen Facebook in the news for so many stories. They’re introducing new services – which seem to making a lot of folks upset. They’ve also decided to form a political action committee and start funding candidates.

That’s definitely too bad since it signals that they’d rather keep stepping on people than clean up their act.

And they’ve signed a bunch of deals with corporations. Facebook is no longer for sharing the college experience, or even dissing the girlfriend that recently dumped you. Now Facebook is all about collecting your data and making you – the audience – the product that’s up for sale.

Hear all the stories now on Social Media: Cheap and Easy.

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