November 21

Social Media Security And Digital Payments


Can you remember walking past a Salvation Army Bell Ringer last year and feeling guilty because you didn’t have cash in your pocket? There’s a cure for that.

The Salvation Army is rolling out mobile payments for passers-by, so everyone can answer the call of the bell. We look at how they’re doing it, and even how you can use the same technology for your business.

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And we have an update on last week’s story about stores opening on Thanksgiving Day. Anthony Hardwck, the Target employee, has attracted a lot of media attention for his petition to get Target to close for Thanksgiving. He has also gathered more than 100,000 signatures.

This week, we look at what’s happening and which store started this mess in the first place.

Listen in to know which store to avoid.

And facial recognition is going mainstream. It might even be in the last digital billboard you walked past.
We wrap up this week’s show “looking at” facial recognition and facial detection. It’s far more commonplace than you might think, and even than you want.

It’s time for all of us to start paying attention to our social media security.



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