April 9

Social Networking for Teleseminars


Another late night post – I’m either working too hard, or having way too much fun!

Here’s the deal – The Obama Protocols are live and we want to build a bigger audience. How do we do it?

Simple – go to people who already have big audiences.

“Sure,” you say. “Just pop over to the corner big audience market and pick out one or two good candidates.”


Here’s how:

We’re putting together daily blog posts (like this one), twice-weekly videos and weekly articles that are rich with content useful to anyone want to start, or expand, their business on the internet.

Then we send e-mails to the people we’ve chosen – them what’s got the big audiences…

They take a look at the content and decide whether it’s relevant and useful for their network. When it is – and if I’m doing it right, it should always be useful and relevant – they mention it in their blog, use it on their site, or put it into their e-zine.

Instant groundswell.

“Ah, but will it work,” you say. Guess you’re just going to have to keep tuning in here to read these posts and find out.

Have a happy Easter weekend everyone.




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