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Blogs, Articles & Writing – Part Deux


Last Thursday I wrote about making good use of your time, and getting the most from your blog posts, articles and other writing. Today, I’d like to share what I’m doing to put the advice into action.

Tim Clay, a client, and I have been having the same problem. We’re a little “all over the place” with our writing and we want to do better. I’ll show you what I’m doing for myself, and what I’m doing for Tim. That way, you can help your clients while you’re helping yourself, too.

For myself, I’m starting by serialising the books I’ve written. As I take each chapter and squeeze it down to a 700 (or so) word article, I’ll use it as a blog post and submit it as an article. Two birds with one stone. Then add a third bird by putting the article onto my web site in the archive section. (You can always add where it was published later when GQ or Time discovers you’re really the best writer in the world.)

But that’s not where it stops. After all, what happens when I serialise all my books? I can’t just stop writing articles…

Scroll down to Thursday’s post and give it a quick read. You see, what I’m doing right now is going from published work over to articles and blog posts. When I’m done serialising, it’s time to start writing articles with an eye toward what goes into my next book. Get it?

I’m working on a book about List Building. So, my articles will be about stuff I find related to that. Then I get to “quote” myself in my own book. Talk about cool.

Each article is also an opportunity to work out an idea, and try its popularity, before I include it in the book. That’s a little bit of alright, too.

Okay, now for Tim. This is a little different. (Actually, I’m doing this with Akin, too – but he’s visiting family in Nigeria. I’ll do an example with him in another article.)

You see, for a client, you’re trying to save them some time and effort. Tim’s okay with writing, but it isn’t his strong suit. Actually, I’m really fortunate with Tim and Akin. Tim’s an accountant and Akin is a doctor – and both men are remarkably creative. They come up with some great article ideas. What they don’t have is lots of time.

So, get your clients to write a blog post. Let them put together just a couple of hundred words and send it to you.

Then you take it, and work it up into a 500+ word article. And here’s the bonus for doing it this way:

Tim writes a 200 word blog post. Cool, quick and gives some useful content. Then after I work it up into an article, he gets to use the article as another blog post!

He even gets to put a trackback to the original post.

Naturally, the article gets submitted to newsletItrs and submission banks, too.

You can see how doing this means all your client has to do is write short, 200 word blog posts. After that, it’s in your hands to work up the articles and keep track of everything so you can build reports or an e-book.

Here’s a quick word about pricing: Set a low monthly fee. Honest. You only need about $500 (USD) tops from any one client.


Because the rest of your pay comes from having an equity share in your client’s business.

That works well for everyone because you have a regular income (the monthly retainer), and your client knows you are well motivated to make them successful. After all, the better the content you generate, the more sales they will make. The more sales they make, the more you get paid because you have an equity share.

I like upward spirals.

By the way, watch for more news about my e-book tele-workshop series launching in March. It’s looking good…working on a JV with RI, and found a way to include Barack Obama. Now, that’s cool.


Blogs, Articles and e-Books – How they go together


Every feel like internet marketing is a “chicken and egg” debate? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start…

On the bright side, there is almost no wrong place to start.

Start a blog and write posts about your favourite hobby. From the blog posts you build up some articles. From the articles and posts, you can build an e-book.

The process works no matter which one you start with. So let me share how I’m putting the books I’ve written together with these blog posts and articles. And this is something that is happening right now, so I’ll be coming back to this to keep giving you updates.

Last year, I wrote Writing E-Books for Fun and Profit. It has done very well with sales, and it’s a great resource. Everyone who’s read it tells me they like it and it has been very helpful to them.

As you know from reading these blog posts, I’ve also been sharing my knowledge to help you move forward with your own writing and marketing projects. The one flaw in this is that I haven’t been particularly organised about the blog posts. That’s okay, but making this blog successful and making it part of my marketing efforts means I’m going to have to plan content.

You know, think about giving stuff to you in a way that supports marketing my writing.

Blogging about whatever grabs my attention each day is okay. It just isn’t the limit of what I want to do with this tool. I’ll come back to this in a minute…

Another thing I have wanted to do – and have had tremendous success procrastinating on – is taking Writing E-Books for Fun and Profit and serialising it into articles. To be honest, I’ve been pretending I don’t know where to start, or what to do.

Richard Bach was right – argue for your limitations and they become yours.

The thing that changed my mind about doing the articles is listening to Chris Knight and Jeff Herring yesterday on a teleconference call.

Chris Knight is CEO of EzineArticles.com. Jeff Herring is, of course, the article marketing guy. If you don’t know these two gentlemen, may I suggest you visit www.ezinearticles.com and start reading? They have a HUGE volume of everything to help you write articles.

By the way, serialising a book with 21 chapters is simple -honest. Just write a summary of each chapter and make it around 600 words. Use numbered or bulleted lists whenever you can, and give it a title that makes a promise. e.g. 4 Topic Strategies – How to make your next e-book a winner.

Okay – heres’ what I have:

I wrote a book last year. I just finished another, and a third should be finished in mid-March. Good.

I also have a blog. The habit of writing daily is well established, but the content isn’t planned yet.

I know what to do for writing articles. I have a membership with EzineArticles.com.

So let’s put them together.

We all have those everyday things to do. You know, household chores stuff, running the business admin stuff, working with retainer clients, specific projects, and whatever else each of us is fitting into every day. Of course, writing books and e-books fits into this category. (Nice to know I’ll always be creating new content.)

Next, seriously consider how much time you want to put into blogging and writing articles. My choice is to keep blogging daily. Monday to Friday, anyway.

A cool thing is that I can use every article I write as a blog post. Think about it…write an article at, say, 700 words…That’s a good length for a blog post, isnt’ it? (Yea, I know. I talk so much, my blog posts are more like 7,000 words. But they’re interesting, right?)

Okay. So I can write one article each day and re-purpose it as a blog post. That works. I bet it’ll work for you, too.

One last thing – what if you haven’t written an e-book you can serialise? Good question, glad you asked.

Scroll back up to the third paragraph. The part about your favourite hobby…

What are you excited about, passionate about? Write about that! Use the approach I wrote about first. Write some blog posts and put together some articles – then build them into an e-book.

Think about learning to ride a bike. You ride for a few feet and stop (a blog post). You ride a little farther and stop again (an article). After a while, you ride up and down the driveway (blog post one way, article going back). Pretty soon, you’re riding around the block. over to the store, and out with your friends (yep, e-books, more posts and more articles – and more e-books).

Folks, you might receive success overnight, but you’ll achieve it one step at a time.

Here’s to yours.