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Finally Tried XSitePro


Everyone who has read my book on writing e-books, or the book for copywriters building their site, knows I’m not a big fan of doing it yourself.

Well, I confess to rethinking my opinion.

You see, I’ve been trying XSitePro2. This is software ETR promotes – it’s part of the package for everyone who joins their Internet Money Club, too.

In the last 30 minutes, I’ve loaded the text for 17 Continue reading

Repurpose Your Content


Lot’s of people talk about repurposing content. I’ve even mentioned here in this blog.

A new facet of repurposing has come up in my work.

It turns out that work I’m doing on a new List Building book with Bob Bly is also useful to me for the teleseminar project I’m developing.

Add to that – both projects are obviously Continue reading