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Knowing Your Target Market – The Chained Duck Prospers Off The Web

It’s called Le Canard EnchainĂ© (The Chained Duck).

Published since 1915, it does quite well today with a minimal web presence. Mostly it uses the URL so scammers can’t pose as the newspaper.

You can visit their web page at www.lecanardenchaine.fr. And Google does a fairly good job of translating the page.

This is just one example of a business that’s moving along swimmingly without a lot of bother about the internet, mobile marketing or social media. In fact, they are social media. Their paper is circulated and talked about all around the world.

Keep in mind that this is also a media that the cow-pattie gurus and pundits keep saying is dead, dying or otherwise on its way out. Yet this little, 8 page, French newspaper has an international base of loyal readers.
It may not be of interest to you and me. Then again, you and I aren’t from France, and this paper specialises in satirical stories about the French elite.

The question – and answer – that’s here for us is: How are we specialised?

We need to know who is our target audience, and how Continue reading