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OWS Gets Capitalist Enterprise

Vlad Teichbert and GlobalRevolution.TV are the first capitalist effort of OWS. And Vlad is getting the media attention to make it work.

Having been covered by the New York Times and Huffinton Post, and even getting his own caricature in The New Yorker, Vlad has gone from being a derivatives trader working for Deutsche Bank to OWS pariticpant to budding media mogul. Although he currently lives in a squat with his pregnant wife, Vlad hopes the media project takes off and provides an income.

GlobalRevolution.TV started out under a tarp in Zucotti Park. But after weeks of frustration due to equipment loss from theft and rain, they were able to relocate to a building in NoHo (North of Houston St.). They’re now in a second floor office space and getting organized.

Here is a video from CNN Money that shows the GlobalRevolution.tv media headquarters and two of the team members.

This budding media mogul and his outlet, Global Revolution.tv have become the switchboard, or clearing house, for video related to OWS. The channel is hosted – apparently ad free – by Livestream. It seems more than one advertiser didn’t want to show up on this particular channel, so Livestream seems to have removed all advertising from the channel.

How long can it be before OWS turns on Vlad and his media outlet for the success they are achieving?

Personally, I think it’s great that the group involved with GlobalRevolution.TV has found this opportunity. They’re getting organized, supporting a cause they believe in, and attracting support. For now, the donations are just trickling in. Give it another week or so, and it’s likely they’ll attract the attention of donors – possibly even one or two of the millionairs who agree with OWS.

This is proof in action that populations consistently divide out into 80% masses, 15% achievers, 4% leaders and 1% celebrities. In this case, Vlad is becoming the celebrity, his team are the leaders, the citizen journalists are the achievers, and then there’s the rest.

It’s too bad that “the rest” are turning from protesting to harming the people they claim to serve.

Over the last week, USA Today has reported OWS protesters have managed to close several ports along the west coast. They claim to be targeting ports where Goldman-Sachs has an interest, yet they fail to accept the real consequences of their activities.

By closing the ports, the only people being hurt are the workers who can’t work. They’re losing a day’s pay. Since the corporations carry insurance to protect them against lost production, they’re coming out doubly ahead whenever a port facility is blockaded. Not only do they get to collect on their insurance, they’re saving the cost of paying employees.

Many congratulations to Vlad Teichberg and his team. Let’s hope they’re able to lead their fellow OWS participants to better pursuits and higher achievement.