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OWS Stands Divided

As predicted, the leaders and achievers are standing out from the OWS crowd.

GlobalRevolution.tv has moved from a tarp in Zucotti park to a second floor office in NoHo (North of Houston), and is being led by a former Wall Street derivatives trader, Vlad Teichberg.

On the other side of the country, OWS protesters are depriving the working class of their pay checks by blockading ports.

As surely as oil floats over water, and cream rises to the top of milk, it is inevitable that leaders stand out in a movement. Even while they’re insisting that it’s a team effort. In this case, it’s Vlad Teichberg who has become the face of GlobalRevolution.tv.

GlobalRevolution.tv started out under a tarp in Zucotti park. After weeks of frustration due to equipment theft and fighting the elements, they made the wise business decision to seek a secure – and weatherproof – site for their budding media outlet.

They found what they needed on the second floor of a building owned by the A.J. Muste Institute. Rent is a bargain at around $400 per month. It’s no palace, but it gives them a reliable working space for their enterprise. You can get an idea of what it looks like in this video of an interview they did with CNNMoney.

[/caption]The media has definitely caught on to this enterprise. Vald has been featured with his own caricature in The New Yorker, and media from Huffington Post to the New York Times are covering their efforts. If all goes well, Vlad hopes this media enterprise will take off and provide him with the means to get a home for himself and his pregnant wife.

Contrast this organised, productive enterprise with the efforts of OWS participants on the west coast.

Although their video content is being streamed through GlobalRevolution.tv, that seems to be where the commonality ends. Rather than trying to build anything, or even be constructive, they’re attempting to block ports in Alaska and the Western U.S.

Even the unions these OWS participants claim to be supporting have come out in opposition to the blockades. They want their members to be able to go to work safely, and get a full pay check at the end of the week.

OWS Participants blockading access to ports

Vlad Teichberg’s caricature in The New YorkerIn a recent USA Today article, one trucker was quoted as having lost $600 – a day’s wages – because the protesters succeeded in closing the port facility.

“This is joke. What are they protesting?” said Christian Vega, who sat in his truck carrying a load of recycled paper. “It only hurts me and the other drivers.

“We have jobs and families to support and feed,” he said. “Most of them don’t.”

Thomas Ryan has written an interesting post on Big Government that reveals the agenda of many OWS participants. It’s well documented with a complete archive of e-mails from OWS. The tone of the e-mails aligns with activities on the west coast, but seems quite different from the enterprise happening in New York.

OWS, protesting about inequality, is experiencing a practical lesson in reality. Every group divides out into 80% followers, 15% achievers, 4% leaders and 1% celebrities.

In Brooklyn, Vlad Teichberg is the celebrity and his team are the leaders. The citizen journalists are the achievers, and then there’s the rest. People who take action simply to feel powerful; even when it harms those they claim to be helping.

The efforts at GlobalRevolution.tv have been so successful that Livestream is providing them a channel free of advertising. It turns out that some advertisers didn’t want to be associated with the OWS channel, and rather than weed them out Livestream simply removed all advertising. That’s a huge benefit to an organization trying to communicate their message.

Ustream, another online video streaming service, has provide two citizen journalists with better camera equipment. Tim Pool in New York, and Spencer Mills in Oakland, both provided consistently good content so Ustream has loaned them better video equipment.

Livestream and Ustream both claim to simply be supporting their platforms rather than specifically supporting the OWS movement. You can read more about GlobalRevolution.tv and their successes in a recent New York Times article.

The question that remains is: How long will it be before OWS participants turn on Vlad and his teammates as being part of the 1%?

It’s only a matter of time before GobalRevolution.tv gains the attention of advertisers able to align themselves with OWS. When that happens, it’s going to become a profit-generating business. Will the 80% who have built nothing claim a share of their success?

OWS Gets Capitalist Enterprise

Vlad Teichbert and GlobalRevolution.TV are the first capitalist effort of OWS. And Vlad is getting the media attention to make it work.

Having been covered by the New York Times and Huffinton Post, and even getting his own caricature in The New Yorker, Vlad has gone from being a derivatives trader working for Deutsche Bank to OWS pariticpant to budding media mogul. Although he currently lives in a squat with his pregnant wife, Vlad hopes the media project takes off and provides an income.

GlobalRevolution.TV started out under a tarp in Zucotti Park. But after weeks of frustration due to equipment loss from theft and rain, they were able to relocate to a building in NoHo (North of Houston St.). They’re now in a second floor office space and getting organized.

Here is a video from CNN Money that shows the GlobalRevolution.tv media headquarters and two of the team members.

This budding media mogul and his outlet, Global Revolution.tv have become the switchboard, or clearing house, for video related to OWS. The channel is hosted – apparently ad free – by Livestream. It seems more than one advertiser didn’t want to show up on this particular channel, so Livestream seems to have removed all advertising from the channel.

How long can it be before OWS turns on Vlad and his media outlet for the success they are achieving?

Personally, I think it’s great that the group involved with GlobalRevolution.TV has found this opportunity. They’re getting organized, supporting a cause they believe in, and attracting support. For now, the donations are just trickling in. Give it another week or so, and it’s likely they’ll attract the attention of donors – possibly even one or two of the millionairs who agree with OWS.

This is proof in action that populations consistently divide out into 80% masses, 15% achievers, 4% leaders and 1% celebrities. In this case, Vlad is becoming the celebrity, his team are the leaders, the citizen journalists are the achievers, and then there’s the rest.

It’s too bad that “the rest” are turning from protesting to harming the people they claim to serve.

Over the last week, USA Today has reported OWS protesters have managed to close several ports along the west coast. They claim to be targeting ports where Goldman-Sachs has an interest, yet they fail to accept the real consequences of their activities.

By closing the ports, the only people being hurt are the workers who can’t work. They’re losing a day’s pay. Since the corporations carry insurance to protect them against lost production, they’re coming out doubly ahead whenever a port facility is blockaded. Not only do they get to collect on their insurance, they’re saving the cost of paying employees.

Many congratulations to Vlad Teichberg and his team. Let’s hope they’re able to lead their fellow OWS participants to better pursuits and higher achievement.