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Blogsite vs Website – The Power of Content

Carol asked me recently whether she should include a blog with her website. Like many business owners, she didn’t really understand the powerful, business building (or strangling) differences between a website and a blogsite.

The first thing to understand is that a blogsite and website have the same appearance. They each have pages, links, ads, and other content. You can even make a website do the same things a blogsite does. The difference is this: Anyone can handle a blogsite, and it takes a programmer to handle a website.

Blogsites are dead-nuts easy to manage. You definitely want a Continue reading

Twitter Tools – Connect Twitter and Your Blog


This is late for me, so this one will be short.

Have you connected your blog with your Twitter account? If you have a WP blog, just search for Twitter Tools on the “add new plugins” page. It’s a widget by Alex King.

I’m using it now, and it’s a handy way to update your Twitter every time you post to your blog.

Have a good weekend.


Conrad Hall