November 29

Teleseminar Calls – How to Set Up


Several folks have written asking for information about how to set up a teleseminar call. I think it’s a good subject for a report – maybe even an e-book. For now, I’ll answer their questions by giving you the basic elements for setting up a teleseminar call.

There are two parts to setting up a teleseminar call. One part is the web pages and the other is the work you do with the other person on the call.

Let’s look at the most basic approach. Using a squeeze page to get people to sign up for a teleseminar call. Here are the “pages ” you need:

1. The squeeze page – it has copy on it to tell people what to do, and a spot to put in their name and e-mail address. A good addition to this page is allowing people to enter a question for the expert on the call. It helps you develop content for the call, and engages people more fully. They feel involved.

2. The Thank You page – after they sign up, this page says – naturally – “Thank You.” It also gives them the call-in number, access code, and maybe access to a free download that is a homework assignment. This helps people bet engaged with the call.

3. Autoresponder message. This isn’t a web page, of course. You need the autoresponder (mail manager) to stay in touch with people. The autoresponse message thanks people again, gives the call-in number and access code again, and repeats the link to the homework download.

4. Reminder Broadcasts. These also go with your mail manager or autoresponder. You should use at least two – the first one the day, or two days, before the call. The second one the day of the call. The closer the message is to the time of the call, the shorter it can be. Each one is reminding the reader why they signed up for the call, and repeats the call-in information.

That’s the bare minimum for the tech end of stuff. Let me know if you’d like to know more – you can send questions to

The other part is working with the other person on the call. Whether you are the expert, or you are interviewing an expert doesn’t matter too much. The preparation to be done is the same.

Write out the questions you want to have asked an answered during the call. Right off, I’ll tell you to have about 30 questions ready. This gives you more than you’ll need, and you’ll always be happy when you over-prepare.

Start by just writing down questions. You can organise them after you’ve written a bunch.

When they’re organised, send them to the other person. Let them add, subtract or change any questions they want. Remember that the interview is friendly, and you want both of you to come out the other end looking good.

While I”m thinking of it, two people you should pay A LOT of attention to when it comes to teleseminars are Alex Mandossian ( and Dr. Jeanette Cates (

Jeanette’s site is also a great example of a squeeze page. Put in your name and e-mail address and Jeanette sends you (using an autoresponder) a series of e-mails with free information about how to do teleseminars. The squeeze page also sends you on to a sales page for her entry-level course titled, fittingly, Teleseminar Basics.

Understand that you might not get a lot of interaction or feedback when you’re setting up an interview with an expert. They’re busy – just like you and me – and you can be sure they appreciate having you keep them in the loop when it comes to preparations.

When you send them a list of questions, always include the call information. Give them the date/time, call-in details, call topic and how long the call will be. There’s no such thing as repeating this information too often.

That’s it for now. Again, you’re welcome to send questions to I’ll make a point of answering them here.



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