January 16

The Magic Pill – Can you swallow it?

Good Morning,

The last few weeks have seen me going through Rich Schefren’s reports with a fine tooth comb and reading a lot of blog entries by the other “big names.”

The idea of a “magic pill” has come up a lot. I was amazed to see that they all, fundamentally, agree on the nature of this Magic Pill For Success.

Even more stunning is that everyone seems to agree on how to use it, and how to get it.

Would you like to know what it is?

The Magic Pill For Success is…T-R-U-S-T.

That’s right. The relationship you build with your audience – the trust they put in you to tell them the truth and give them good quality for their time and their money.

And how do you get this pill?

Consistent, daily effort.

Writing blog posts, producing information products, commenting on other blogs, and so on and so forth. You know, the stuff everyone else calls work – but it’s what you and I call fun cuz we get a kick from writing and creating and sharing and teaching.

Can you swallow that pill?

There was a time when no one was interested in hearing the opinion of David Olgilvy. There was even a time when no one was lining up to hear Rich Schefren, or Jay Abraham or Alex Mandossian.

It makes me think of a story I once read. A boy had been taken to a monastery to learn from the monks. This was a tremendous honour because the monks were said to be wise and strong. Some even whispered that the monks could do magic.

The boy was walking with a monk one day and they came to a stream. They sat by the stream to enjoy the beauty of the land. While they sat and quietly contemplated the flowing water, the boy took up his courage to ask “Is it true that the monks of this temple can do magic?”

“It is true,” replied the monk. “I will show you.

The monk stood and walked to the bank of the stream. He took a sharp, jagged rock from the bank and showed it to the boy.

“If I make this rock disappear – so that it will never exist in the shape of the rock again – is that magic?”

With awe in his voice, excited at the prospect of witnessing great magic, the boy whispered his reply. “Yes.”

The monk nodded and waded to the centre of the stream. Calmly, he placed the rock at the bottom of the stream, walked back to the boy and sat down.

“Already the water has begun to change the rock. It will break apart to become sand and be washed away. One day it will disappear completely and be scattered from here to the ocean where this river ends. This is the magic you seek.”



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