April 7

The Obama Protocols are live


The first interview with David Hancock, founder of Morgan James Publishing, was a smashing success!

It’s incredible how much work, planning, writing and sheer joy goes into – and comes out of – a project like this. Believe me, I had no idea what I was in for when I started in 2008.  😉

And yes, I do apologise for the long hiatus from posting here. It’s late Tuesday evening, and I decided that I just had to post NOW – it takes just that tiny little action to get the ball rolling.

You know it’s true…and that’s what I’m hoping you’ll do when you listen to the rest of the interviews. Take just a tiny action to get the ball rolling.

My first step was in October, 2007 – and now I’m doing a whole teleseminar series, Dr. Sears has offered to fly me to Florida for a one day workshop with Michael Masterson, and Bob Bly and Joshua Boswell are referring clients to me.

By the way, if you haven’t looked at the series yet…head over to www.theobamaprotocols.com and read the landing page.

There are 20 teleseminars in the series, and it’s free.

Why? (Glad you asked.)

The answer’s simple – the economy sucks and we all need some extra income now more than ever.

So, 12 marketing, copywriting, and technical experts have joined together to show you how you can use information and the internet to make that extra income. No wild claims, no promises of unlimited wealth – just a solid, ethical, responsible business approach.

Yes, it’s based on what Barack Obama did in his presidential campaign. After all, even Clayton Makepeace admits that was a successs.

He used a bottom-up approach. He engaged his audience – Informed his prospects – and Empowered his customers (voters).

The results?  HUGE.

And you now what the kicker is? I have used the exact same approach to build my business – it works.

So sign-up, listen, and put the information to use. Take that first step.


Conrad Hall


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