December 5

Writing for an Audience



It’s always good to get your blog post, article, or report finished and out to your audience.

The tough part is when you hand it over to someone like me for the editing. You just know the editor is going to change something – we always do.

Sometimes what we change is where you start your story.

For some reason, everyone wants to start at the beginning when they write a story. But that isn’t how to tell stories.

You don’t believe me? Let’s think about it…The last time you started telling a story, did you really start at the beginning? Or did you start by saying something about the story, and when you had eveyrone’s attention you backed up to the beginning?

Now here’s the tought part. Your answer probably corresponds to how well people listen to your stories.

Everyone who said “yes” knows how to tell a good story, and capture people’s attention. Ypu’re the “life of the party” type.

Everyone who kind of shook their head and thought “But I always start at the beginning of the story” probably gets their best reviews when reading bedtime stories.

A client of mine, Tim, just got an e-mail like this from me. I revised some writing he did and gave him the same advice you’re getting now.

Start in the middle. It worked for Aristotle, Shakespear and Dean Koontz.

We’ve all read books that grabbed us at the start with some really cool action. Then they go back and fill in some of the blanks. It’s a great way to tell a story.

It’s also a great way for you to write your article, report or blog post. Did I do it? You tell me…did I start with the advice I wanted to share, or did I start with something that drew you in and encouraged you to read more?

Are you still reading? Must have got it right this time.  😉

Want more help? Good. Send me an e-mail:

Which reminds me – more work to do on my site.

Have a good weekend, everyone.



Sorry about missing yesterday. The Canadian Auto Workers are in town for contract negotiations. There was a press conference yesterday, and lots of stories to collect.


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  1. Conrad is right…starting at the middle draws the reader in instantly. At first this may not seem true, but try it, it works.


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