June 22

XSitePro2 – powerful software



Jason Gaspero sent me an e-mail last week. He’s using XSitePro2, too – and he says the tutorials are dynamite.

Well, you just know when he wrote that I’d have to go and check out a tutorial. After all, I suck at watching tutorials – I’m always hitting the fast-forward.

When you get XSitePro – just go to xsitepro.com – you’ll want to watch some of the tutorials.

Ordinarily, I’d tell you a little about some of the tutorials and what they’re good for. But this time, I have to admit that I only watched one – but I watched the whole thing. No fast-forwarding. Anyone who knows me will tell you that anything I’ll sit through has to be good – my attention wanders a bit…  😉

There is one thing I’ve already figured out about the tutorials though. Before I tell you, yes, I realise it’s going to seem like a dopey thing to point out, but let me get all the way through making my point.

Okay, here’s what I’ve figured out: Take your time picking out which tutorials to watch – you don’t need to watch all of them.

Here’s why: this software is very easy to figure out. My suggestion is that you spend a few minutes trying something inside the software before you go looking for a tutorial. Odds are, you’ll figure it out for yourself pretty fast.

That’s maybe the best thing about XSitePro. It’s easy to figure out. I especially like that it lets me switch between a word processor style editor and an html editor. There are some bits of code that I’ve copied from other sites and want to use on my own. This software lets me put everything I want onto the page using the word processor editor, then I can switch to the html editor and paste in the code I want. Cool.

One thing I don’t like is that the default page is narrow. You can make it bigger – that’s not the issue. I’m trying to stick with the default to get the best results when my site opens in a browser. So the narrowness of the page isn’t anybody’s fault – it’s just the nature of browsers. Their default settings open with a narrow window.

Something I’d like to see added to XSitePro is the ability to sort the keywords.

Once you type in your keywords, there’s no way to sort them – alphabetically, I mean. (Or any other way.) So if you add keywords, they’re out of order.

It probably seems like a small thing, but when your working with more than 300 keywords spread across 17 pages, it would be nice to be able to sort them. They’re so much easier to search when they’re in alphabetical order.

I’m going to send my site live Wednesday this week.

After it’s live, I’ll tweak the keywords. I’m also trying to get a pop-up to work – one like the pop-up on Bob Bly’s site. The thing I can’t figure out is how to use cookies. I don’t want the pop-up to open every time you go to the home page – that’s annoying. I’d really like it if the browser remembered you every time you visited my site, but that’s more a setting for each person’s browser.

I also add the shopping cart after I send it live. So there won’t be too many affiliate products on my site right off the bat. When I do add them, I’ll do a review of each one here. I think it’s good to show people why I’m willing to promote something.

Have a good evening.



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