May 29

Your Newest Revenue Creator



We’ve spent the past year planning, testing and developing a teleseminar series for small business owners.

The whole purpose is to show small business owners how to enter the Internet Marketplace in a reliable, ethical, responsible manner using the three fundamental principles for success on the internet:

  1. Engage your Audience
  2. Educate your Prospects
  3. Empower your Customers

We’re giving small business owners a complete, step-by-step system for creating a new revenue stream using information and the internet.

The most unique aspect of the project is that we’re using a small town in Illinois as the example for other businesses to follow. The business community in this little town is thriving in this economic climate – even with the crushing presence of a 24hr, mega Wal-Mart.

Now they’re going to show business owners across the U.S. and around the world how to succeed and thrive when they enter the internet.

There are 10 other professionals working with me to make this project a reality.

An accountant, a webmaster, marketers and copywriters – not big name gurus with staffs to do all the work – these are experts who make their living every day in their chosen profession.

Experts like Chris Marlow, Charlie Byrne, Johnny Meehan, Tim Clay,Ilise Benun, David Hancock, Dr. Jeanette Cates, Deryck Ferrier and Howie Jacobson.

There are a few “big names” that I approached…but they didn’t seem to see any value in showing small business owners how to more profitable.

Imagine that!

On the other hand, there are two “big names” who see the value – Rich Schefren and Marc Charles. Guys who knock themselves out putting value into everything they do.

You know showing small business owners how to create new revenue with the internet is just the beginning.

We’re already putting an outsourcing site into place. A one-stop centre for small businesses to find copywriters, designers, webmasters and other professionals to help them. Naturally they’ll have to look for one that’s a good fit for their business, but we promise that any one of the professionals listed does solid, reliable work.

Then there’s a membership site. Members will get to see the results of testing and campaigns that I and my clients are running – every month. Imagine being able to see the PPC ads that are working – and the exact results they’re getting!

And that’s just one marketing channel. We’ll be publishing results for every marketing channel being used by all my clients.

There is one thing I could use your help with, though. We don’t have a name for the project!

We’ve tested a couple of names – one of which cost me 25% of my list in one fell swoop…Yikes!

We’ve played with

  • Internet Success Protocols
  • Internet Business Creation System, and
  • Ethical Internet for Small Business Owners

What do you think? How would you name the project?

Post your thoughts as a comment and lend me a hand. If your suggestion becomes the name for the project, I’ll do more than just give you access to the whole program. I’ll work with you to put it to use in your business.



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