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Solving a Problem – Day 16 of the 31 Day Challenge

A friend wrote to me recently complaining about having several projects “almost finished.”

Sound familiar? I’ve been in that situation once or twice myself. 😉

Fortunately, all this person needed done was editing. This is something I happen to do well – so now those “almost finished” projects are complete. (I wonder if they mentioned it hoping I’d have some available time.  😉  )

And the answer, fortunately, is always that simple. Yes, always.

It’s even simpler than Continue reading

Improve Your Blog with People Watching – Day 13 of the 31 Day Challenge

Take a trip to the mall and improve your blog.

That’s the title for Day 13, and it’s why I didn’t post yesteray. I was out people watching.

Actually, I went to Dyllan’s school and volunteered in her classroom to help the teacher out. In the process, I was able to watch two ladies give a guest presentation, see how the teacher and students work together, and how the students reacted to having a stranger in the room (me being the stranger).

How often have you read or heard the advice “know your customer?”

Yea, me too. Probably about a million times.

So why is it that we are Continue reading

Your Editorial Calendar – Pt 2 of 2 – Day 12 of the 31 Day Challenge

It feels good to see the changes happening. A year from now, this blog will be much better in content, the plugins being used, and the amount of traffic it draws.

Can you imagine how good it feels to write that with confidence?

I was sitting at breakfast this morning and thinking about The Marketing Spotlight. Imagine how good it’s going to feel – a year from now – when I have developed a membership site for business owners. In a year, there will be 2,000 subscribers paying a simple $9 each month.

Every member will be getting useful content, have a forum to discuss their issues, and be able to contribute to the site as a guest author. It’s incredibly uplifting to see an article from someone new who is enjoying their successes – just as it’s educational to hear from someone with experience.

Of course, the membership site will be at Continue reading

I Outrank Perry Belcher – Social Media Monitoring – Day 10 of the 31 Day Challenge

Perry Belcher = 18

Conrad Hall = 90

These are our relative scores from Hubspot’s Twitter Grader. Does this make me a bigger twit than Perry?

“I’m a big twit!” Isn’t that a Jim Dandy conversation starter?

But I’m not the biggest…

Jeff Herring scores Continue reading

Social Media Experts – Day 8 of the 31 Day Challenge


There has been a lot of talk lately on the subject of social media snake oil, and people calling themselves social media experts.

David Armano weighs in.

V Mary Abrahm sounds off.

And Dawn Foster gives some interesting advice.

By the way, today’s exercise is actually about interlinking your posts. So I’m writing a post I think can be linked to others on my blog. (Two birds, one stone.)

Let’s start by acknowledging everyone makes mistakes – even the biggest social media site in the world. Earlier this month, Facebook announced a partnership with Neilsen.

When it was announced, I took issue with Facebook for Continue reading

Better Blogging – Day 2 1/2


Last week, I started a challenge from Darren Rowse – 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.

You can tell from the title of this post that I haven’t quite kept up with getting the blog posts done. As it happens, I’m also finishing The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Having these two things happen together is what I’ve chosen to write about.

The Slight Edge is about the little things that are Continue reading

5 Areas of Business Development

Tim Clay and I were talking about the idea of separating business from pleasure a little while ago. The discussion was part of developing the 2010 Tax Guide for Home-Based Business.

We were working out our ideas to show people that the very idea of being able to separate business from pleasure is a myth. You just can’t.

Consider for a minute that Tim is Continue reading

Rich Schefren just ended my vacation


Today’s the last “official” day of my vacation, and Rich is sending me out with a BANG!

I spent an hour on the phone with Rich today talking about list building. It’ll be great to have the edited audio back from Recorded Moments on this one. Rich covered so much, I’m going to wear out a CD listening to this interview.

“You have to do less.”

We all hear people tell us we work too hard, we do too much, we have to slow down…But when Rich Schefren says “You have to do less,” it makes you sit up and listen.

Instead of working on Continue reading