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Community Building with Competition

Today kicks off the second annual Blog Off competition at Community Marketing Blog.

Andrew Ballenthin, the founder and organiser, tells me there are 20 confirmed competitors and maybe a couple late comers. There is one person from Huffington Post competing, another newbie (Sam Diener) who has been blogging for just a few months – he’s already built an audience of more than 20,000.

There are two objectives to Blog Off 2

  1. Show the power of social media to build community
  2. Demonstrate how to measure social media ROI

To do that, competing bloggers have 12 days to engage their audience, develop traffic and Continue reading

Better Blogging – Day 20 of the 31 Day Challenge

The editorial calendar says I’m supposed to write about “copywriting – editorial vs. promotional.”

I like that topic, and it’s important – but it’s either happening after lunch or getting pushed to tomorrow. (Gee, it’s nice being your own editor!)

Why? Because Day 20 of 31DBBB is about Leaving Comments on Other Blogs.

When I read this through,two ways of commenting occurred to me.

  1. Follow the instructions and interact with other blogs. I’ll do this.
  2. Expand on the instructions and write a comment post today about the 31DBBB book.

Picking up a copy of 31DBBB was a result of thinking “I need to get more organised about managing my blog.”

To be honest, I had never heard of Darren Rowse and was Continue reading

Information Marketing – 3 Profit Generators

There are only three kinds of information product:

  1. Text
  2. Audio
  3. Video

There are all kinds of combinations for these three. We see them all the time. But these are the 3 profit generators of information marketing.

And those 3 profit generators take one of two forms:

  1. Free
  2. Paid

Whether it’s the free-on-free offer for a newsletter with a report, the monthly payment of a membership site, or the hefty fee of a conference, all information products are either free or paid.

Looks pretty simple, doesn’t it? Can information marketing really be that easy?

Well, I’ve written 6 books in 20 months that have combined revenues of Continue reading

Information Marketing – Does it Work?

Bob Bly is making around $1,000 per day from information marketing. I’m making a little over $100 per day.

So whether you’ve been in business for more than 30 years and have a ton of experience, or you’re a newcomer like me, the answer is yes.

Yes, information marketing increases revenue and profits.

Just so we’re clear, infomration marketing has two parts:

  1. information marketing – where you use information to promote a product or service; and,
  2. marketing information – where you sell an information product.

You can see how they go together. For example, we’re giving away a big piece of my new book How to Profit with Social Media – The 2010 Social Media Directory at

The information we’re giving away solves the biggest problem business owners have to Continue reading

Solving a Problem – Day 16 of the 31 Day Challenge

A friend wrote to me recently complaining about having several projects “almost finished.”

Sound familiar? I’ve been in that situation once or twice myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fortunately, all this person needed done was editing. This is something I happen to do well – so now those “almost finished” projects are complete. (I wonder if they mentioned it hoping I’d have some available time.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  )

And the answer, fortunately, is always that simple. Yes, always.

It’s even simpler than Continue reading

Growing Your Blog – Day 14 of the 31 Day Challenge

We all want our businesses to grow. That’s why we read the books, blogs and other resources.

Part of growing is change, and The Marketing Spotlight is changing.

Day 14 is all about updating key pages on your blog. Well, I’m going to update my About page, and I’m adding several pages. In fact, I’m migrating the content from over to

This blog is my central business site. After all, I’m telling you to make a blog the centre of your online efforts. It’s only fitting that you see the results of me “practicing what I preach!”

But there’s more to the changes than that… Continue reading

Improve Your Blog with People Watching – Day 13 of the 31 Day Challenge

Take a trip to the mall and improve your blog.

That’s the title for Day 13, and it’s why I didn’t post yesteray. I was out people watching.

Actually, I went to Dyllan’s school and volunteered in her classroom to help the teacher out. In the process, I was able to watch two ladies give a guest presentation, see how the teacher and students work together, and how the students reacted to having a stranger in the room (me being the stranger).

How often have you read or heard the advice “know your customer?”

Yea, me too. Probably about a million times.

So why is it that we are Continue reading

Your Editorial Calendar – Pt 2 of 2 – Day 12 of the 31 Day Challenge

It feels good to see the changes happening. A year from now, this blog will be much better in content, the plugins being used, and the amount of traffic it draws.

Can you imagine how good it feels to write that with confidence?

I was sitting at breakfast this morning and thinking about The Marketing Spotlight. Imagine how good it’s going to feel – a year from now – when I have developed a membership site for business owners. In a year, there will be 2,000 subscribers paying a simple $9 each month.

Every member will be getting useful content, have a forum to discuss their issues, and be able to contribute to the site as a guest author. It’s incredibly uplifting to see an article from someone new who is enjoying their successes – just as it’s educational to hear from someone with experience.

Of course, the membership site will be at Continue reading

Your Editorial Calendar – Pt 1 of 2 – Day 11 of the 31 Day Challenge

This post was actually supposed to be done yesterday, but I got so wrapped up in the exercise for Day 11 that I completely forgot to write the post!

The exercise got me thinking about who are you – my readers? What do you want to read, and what do you need to read?

Terry Dean says you should always give readers what they want, and slide in what they need. Kind of like how our parents handled vegetables.ย  ;-0

Even though quite a few copywriters read this blog, they really aren’t my focus. My interest and passion lies in helping business owners make Continue reading

Forums & Discussions – Are you wasting your time? – Day 9 of the Challenge


How much time are you wasting on forums and discussions?

The activity for Day 9 is to join a forum and participate. That got me looking at the groups (forums) I belong to through LinkedIn and Facebook. It was a surprise to see how short the list is.

There are 8 groups on LinkedIn and 5 on Facebook. Each of them is directly and obviously related to my business.

Have you ever thought you could be wasting time on your groups just because Continue reading