Chamber of Commerce Buys In


Gary Rockis, the business manager for the teleseminar project I’m working on, spoke with the Chamber of Commerce here in Morris, IL today.

They fell in love with the idea of what we’re doing and want to be part of it!

On top of that, they’re going to look after arranging publicity with the media. We’ve come a long way, baby!

It isn’t quite time to be filling you in on details. I’d sure like to, but we have some more planning to do and details to work out.

I can tell you this: We’ve pared the content down to 15 core topics.

Now, the other content is staying – we’re just making it into bonus material. You see, we think 15 calls – that’s 15 hours – is a significant amount of time to invest. Plus, I know we can cover the essential material in that time.

Who knows, by the time we’re done maybe we’ll have 30 calls total – but those 15 will stay as the core. Those are the “have to have” topics and calls.

That’s all for tonight. I just wanted to share some of the progress we’re making. Especially that we’ve found such great support through the local Chamber of Commerce.

Maybe this will give you an idea for a project you’re working on. If it does, let me know. And if you have questions, ask away – I’ll be happy to answer.


Conrad Hall

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