Finally Tried XSitePro


Everyone who has read my book on writing e-books, or the book for copywriters building their site, knows I’m not a big fan of doing it yourself.

Well, I confess to rethinking my opinion.

You see, I’ve been trying XSitePro2. This is software ETR promotes – it’s part of the package for everyone who joins their Internet Money Club, too.

In the last 30 minutes, I’ve loaded the text for 17 pages on my site. In an hour before that, I put together all the site anchors for the site. (If only writing all the copy were as easy as putting the site together!)

Seriously, if you’re thinking about putting a site together – or, like me, you’re re-designing your site – then you should think about using XSitePro2.

This is where I’d normally put an affiliate link, but I don’t want you to think I’m promoting it just because it could make me some cash.

One reason to think about getting it now is that they have a special running. It’s normally $300, but the special makes it $200 (okay, $197).

Here’s the thing – I didn’t read any instructions or watch any tutorials. I just started putting the site together. It’s that easy to use this software. And that’s another thing – this isn’t a web-based service. You download the software and install to your computer.

In 30 minutes I was able to put together 17 pages. I spent extra time putting together the Page Layout – you could call it the Master Page. This is where you set up the Site Anchors. You know, put your page header, left menu, right column, page footer together. Then it all shows up on every page for you.

By far and away – the most work was in writing the copy and doing keyword research.

For being able to do it myself, building the site with XSitePro2 has been a cakewalk.


P.S. I’m going to give you my affiliate link here. You can use it, and I’d appreciate that, or you can go straight to

Here’s my link:

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