Goal Setting – Save Your Money

Good Morning,

Isn’t it amazing how many e-mail are arriving with offers to help you set goals and make 2009 a raging success? I think I”ve deleted about a dozen so far today.

However, there are two that are perfect examples of what you really should be doing: One came from Laurie Cauthen, and the other from Jim Turner.

Laurie sent an e-mail to her mastermind group with her goals for 2009 attached. She listed goals for health, business building, personal development and her family.

By sending the list to her mastermind group, Laurie is making herself accountable for working to achieve these goals. Her next step will be to plan the steps to attain each goal. She doesn’t have to share all the planning details – just letting her group know what the goals are and keeping them up to date on her progress is enough.

Jim Turner also sent an e-mail today – he sent it through Facebook to his group Social Media Marketing Mastermind.

Jim’s focus is also goalsetting and business building. In his e-mail, he told group members about Twitter because it is his best business building tool. Jim gave specific advice about using Twitter, and links every reader can use to learn more and take action.

So there are two examples. Laurie using a small mastermind group for support and encouragement, and Jim serving a 6,000+ member group and fulfilling his own goals.

Neither of these examples cost them any money!

We all know it feels good to buy some goal setting tool and set about using it. We feel confident because it seems like we’re making progress and doing something to help ourselves. Well, keep your money in your pocket.

Set goals, plan and work toward achieving them. All you need is pen and paper to do it – or an Excel calendar spreadsheet you can download for free from Microsoft. Don’t waste your money on this year’s latest goal setting gimmick.

For everyone who’s saying “Yea, but I really need help setting goals for building my business this year,” there is a solution. Visit www.themarketingmixblog.com. I have also included a trackback URL to a specific blog post from today.

You still don’t have to spend any money – you can read posts from Ilise Benun and others every day that will help you build your business. And, folks, you can’t ask for a better coach then Ilise Benun.

In fact, if you’re really still wanting to spend money on something, then I suggest you look at Ilise’s Business Marketing Plan. It guides you in setting goals and taking action to achieve them plus it’s all about how to market and grow your business.

http://www.marketing-mentor-store.com/html/2009_calendar.html (This is a regular link – there is no affiliate action here. I’m not getting paid to recommend this.)

There you go. You have two examples of things you can do right now to set and achieve goals. Plus you have a blog you can visit to keep learning and taking action. Plus you have a resource to look and consider purchasing.

Action, Action, Action.

That’s the key folks. Take action every day. I give the same instructions to every client.

Set a goal, then do at least one thing – take one action – every day that moves you closer to achieving your goal.


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