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I’ve been reading Paul Myers’ latest edition of TalkBiz.

If you haven’t seen it yet, just go to And while you’re there, sign-up for Paul’s newsletter. It’s free, and packed with useable information.

The latest edition came out 17 June with the subject line: Is this a lemon?

He starts out showing how someone contacted him with a JV offer, and didn’t do such a hot job. But by pg 4, Paul is into how to make a good JV offer, and how to add some dynamite functionality and plugins to your blog.

Everyone should read this.

This is a free newsletter, and Paul has put 8 pages of actionable content into it.

Here’s the thing: I’m just working my way through his material, and I see the potential for list building.

Paul gives a bunch of sites you can update every time you make a blog post. Plus he shows you how to connect social media to your blog so readers have the option of several different social bookmarking sites when they like something you post.

Okay. Now add to that the idea of putting a signup box onto your blog. I don’t mean a signup for the RSS feed – that’s pretty simple since it’s just a WordPress plugin. I mean put a signup box for your own newsletter (e-zine).

Something I’ve been struggling with is the idea of doing daily blog posts and a monthly newsletter. It seemed to me that if the blog posts are daily, then the newsletter should be weekly. Or weekly blog posts for a monthly newsletter.

Well, frig it. I’m going to go with daily blog posts (I do apologise for being away this week – it has been busy). My newsletter is about testing results, so monthly is about as often as I can go. It takes time to see results come if from list building efforts.

Maybe later I’ll do another newsletter on a different topic and make that more frequent. Especially since The Testing Spotlight is going to be switched over to a subscription based newsletter in January.

Anyway, back to Paul’s newsletter. Can you see how many ideas it has stimulated in me?

Seriously, I think you should go to and give some serious thought to signing up for this newsletter.

Granted, Paul gets busy – he opens this edition with an apology for being a month since the last full issue. I’m happy that everything he sends, whenever he sends it, is useful content.


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