Rich Schefren just ended my vacation


Today’s the last “official” day of my vacation, and Rich is sending me out with a BANG!

I spent an hour on the phone with Rich today talking about list building. It’ll be great to have the edited audio back from Recorded Moments on this one. Rich covered so much, I’m going to wear out a CD listening to this interview.

“You have to do less.”

We all hear people tell us we work too hard, we do too much, we have to slow down…But when Rich Schefren says “You have to do less,” it makes you sit up and listen.

Instead of working on four things – work on one. Get it done. Get it done well. Then move on to the next thing.

“Create value first.”

For your friends, family, customers and prospects – your first responsibility is to create value. Be valuable to other people.

Rich used the example of a friend who is funny and makes him laugh. That friend had value and you’re going to want to spend time with her. Then there’s the friend who’s always down and has a sad story.

You know the one…the one you never answer the phone for, and the one whose e-mails you always delete.

So which kind of friend are you? What kind of marketer are you?

Bob Bly says that when you let your ezine turn into one sales pitch after another, then your readers won’t be readers anymore. They want value.

Rich spends months researching and writing his free reports. He does it to give value – and four years after releasing the Internet Business Manifesto, that free report is still being downloaded, read and bring in new business.

He recently wrote a blog post about Billy Mays (“the OxiClean guy”) – and he put two full days into writing it.

Now that’s creating value.

I could go on forever, but Bob would string me up for letting everything out of the bag. So here’s what I’ll do instead…

Go to and download all of Rich’s free reports. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and they’re listed in the second column from the right. Read those reports for the information they contain -because they’re good – but look at them for how much effort went into each one.

Ever hear the saying “Your best stuff is your free stuff?”

Rich is living testimony of how effective that strategy is.

In case you’re wondering, the things Rich puts a price on aren’t “better.” They’re deeper, fuller and different from the free stuff.

Talking to Rich is making me re-think the book I’m writing, re-structure the social media guide I’m writing, and get back on the phone with Tim for the Tax Guide for Home Based Businesses we’re writing.

It makes me think of Major Charles Emmerson Winchester, the Third, from MASH. “I do one thing at a time. I do it well, and then I move on.”


Life is a marathon. Be diligent. Finish Strong.

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