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Soup’s On – A Growing Naperville, IL Tradition

Imagine a fundraiser that goes from 0 to 2,000 attendees and over $100,000 in net proceeds in just 3 years.

That’s the Soup’s On event for The Rotary Club of Naperville.

This is something I’ve heard bits and pieces about for the last few weeks. Yesterday I had a chance to speak with Bill Garlough, the founder of Soup’s On, and get some behind-the-scenes information. In fact, I got so wrapped up in what Bill showed me that I completely forgot to write anything yesterday. So let’s make up for that today.

What caught my attention is how they’re using social media. They’re covering a lot of Continue reading

The Social Network

This turned out to be a more interesting film than expected. What IS disappointing is the film being viewed independently of what has happened since the founding of Facebook.

Start with knowing that the film is a jumble of fact and fiction. (It seems to be a dogma among directors that the only way to tell a good story is to embellish it with lies.) So when you see it, take away the larger points of the film:

  1. Mark lacks social skill, and tends to think of himself first
  2. Facebook was founded in controversy

The first point is almost a given for college age “computer nerds,” isn’t it? Social skills are precisely that -skills. Since Mark was more focused on programming than socialising, it makes sense for the social skills to lag in development.

That Facebook was founded in controversy is a little more character revealing.

One thrust of the film is that Mark “led his business partners on” for several weeks. They had an idea fleshed out and needed a programmer. Mark was a programmer with a nascent idea. It seemed a perfect match.

It’s unlikely that anyone – not even the principals involved – knows precisely what happened anymore. Just as time heals all wounds, it also blurs recollection. The only thing that seems fairly clear is Continue reading

Forums & Discussions – Are you wasting your time? – Day 9 of the Challenge


How much time are you wasting on forums and discussions?

The activity for Day 9 is to join a forum and participate. That got me looking at the groups (forums) I belong to through LinkedIn and Facebook. It was a surprise to see how short the list is.

There are 8 groups on LinkedIn and 5 on Facebook. Each of them is directly and obviously related to my business.

Have you ever thought you could be wasting time on your groups just because Continue reading

Social Media Experts – Day 8 of the 31 Day Challenge


There has been a lot of talk lately on the subject of social media snake oil, and people calling themselves social media experts.

David Armano weighs in.

V Mary Abrahm sounds off.

And Dawn Foster gives some interesting advice.

By the way, today’s exercise is actually about interlinking your posts. So I’m writing a post I think can be linked to others on my blog. (Two birds, one stone.)

Let’s start by acknowledging everyone makes mistakes – even the biggest social media site in the world. Earlier this month, Facebook announced a partnership with Neilsen.

When it was announced, I took issue with Facebook for Continue reading

Facebook doesn’t get Social Media – Day 7 of the challenge

Wouldn’t you know it…I commit to finishing Darren Rowse’s 31 day challenge, and Day 7 has a scary assignment.

Write a link post. Eek!

I have to contribute something useful and constructive to someone else’s blog post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As much as I like adding to the conversation, there’s actually a recent article I’d like to add to more than a blog post. The article is about Neilsen teaming up with Facebook to Continue reading

Social Media and Your Blog – Day 6 of the 31 Day Challenge


You’re not the only one who’s thinking I can’t count too well.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

I confess…with the launch of How to Profit with Social Media – The 2010 Social Media Directory last week, I let myself get lazy with blogging. I apologise. (And I’m very motivated to get through Darren Rowse’s blogging challenge – you’ll see.)

That laziness is a big part of the title for this post. Your blog should be the centre of your social media marketing efforts.

You probably already know you can get Twitter to update to your blog. Did you know you can get other social media sites – like FriendFeed – to update your blog, too? Of course, you can also connect Facebook and LinkedIn to your blog – they offer you the code to do it.

Here’s why you want your blog to be Continue reading

Social Media – Creating Your Profiles – Better Blogging Day 3


Day 3 of Darren Rowse’s challenge shows you how to promote a blog post.

There are a couple of good posts on my blog, but there’s a topic lots of folks have asked about – creating social media profiles – that I’d like to write about today. Then I’ll promote this post for Day #3.

This post is built from material in “Creating Your Social Media Profiles” – one of the bonus reports for the 2010 Social Media Directory (Release date: 14 Sep 09).

There’s no question about your profile being the most important part of you involvement in social media. Your profile is how you introduce yourself to others. Even when you meet someone by being part of a group, the first thing they do is click on your name so they can see your profile.

The hard part about making a good profile is Continue reading

Connecting Social Media


This is part answer and part question.

You see, I’ve been chatting with Jim Turner, Michael Stelzner and a couple of other people good at social media. By the way, Jim’s ONLY source for lead generation is now social media. He’s good at it.

One thing I’ve learned is that there are lots of tools to connect social media services to Twitter. I wonder if Twitter will become a Continue reading