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Local Business Marketing Case Study

Applying Business Sense to Fundraising & Social Media

We just finished an interview for Social Media: Cheap and Easy with Bill Garlough.

I know, you’ve never heard of Bill Garlough. That’s okay. We’ll be meeting a lot of business owners we’ve never heard of. That’s because it’s important for all of us to see examples of people – people just like us – being successful. Then we know we can do it, too.

Here’s the success:

Bill and Karen Garlough founded Soup’s On – a fundraiser – 3 years ago. In 3 years, they went from 750 attendees to 1,200 in the first 90 minutes. And they’ve skyrocketed to raising more than $110,000 with a 5 hour event.

Not bad, right?

Their success is definitely impressive. But the best thing about the whole event is that they’ve followed good business practice in developing it. In fact, what Bill and Karen have done is nearly textbook perfect. So much so that Soup’s On is going to be one of the case studies in the 2011 version of the Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media.

Now let’s look at how they applied good business sense to this fundraiser. Continue reading

Soup’s On – A Growing Naperville, IL Tradition

Imagine a fundraiser that goes from 0 to 2,000 attendees and over $100,000 in net proceeds in just 3 years.

That’s the Soup’s On event for The Rotary Club of Naperville.

This is something I’ve heard bits and pieces about for the last few weeks. Yesterday I had a chance to speak with Bill Garlough, the founder of Soup’s On, and get some behind-the-scenes information. In fact, I got so wrapped up in what Bill showed me that I completely forgot to write anything yesterday. So let’s make up for that today.

What caught my attention is how they’re using social media. They’re covering a lot of Continue reading