Twitter Profile Creation Guide

This is the third video in the series. It’s also the shortest. Twitter doesn’t require much for your profile.

These videos, plus a free electronic download of the book, are part of what I’ve planned as supports for when “friends, followers and Customer Evangelists” is released. After all, there are so many hyperlinks in the book it just makes sense to get the electronic copy when you buy the print copy.

Then everything will be added to the membership site we’re developing. Plus there will be monthly updates to the book posted on the membership site, of course.

Can I ask you to help me out? The target audience is local, small business owners who want to use social media well – people just like you and me. Would you mind telling me what will make the membership site useful for you?

Thanks. I appreciate it. All the support, input and feedback everyone is giving makes this project consistently better. Thank you.

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