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Good Morning,

Ah, if only it were just that easy. Right?

Well, when you pick the right way to be different, it is.

Think of the class clown from when you were in school. That’s one way to different. You know it isn’t going to do much for you, but it’s one way to be different.

Loud colours, graphics without purpose, and over-inflated promises are some of the “class clowns” in marketing.

So, okay…what do you do to be different in a way that’s going to make prospects like you and want to do business with you?

Let’s take a look at where we are…

The economy’s less than great – some people still have money, but lots of folks are in a bad way – and even those with money are being careful.

Some of your colleagues have cut their advertising (always a bad choice) while others seem to be sending out more sales pieces – and neither strategy seems to be helping anyone.

And finally, your customers and prospects continue to have a need for what you provide.

How can you be different and still make sales?

Let me start by suggesting you visit Rich Shefren’s site There’s a very good reason for this.

Rich has put together several useful, informative reports (look on the right side of the landing page) that are a perfect – yes, perfect – template for you to use in being different.

Here’s why: each of those reports represents hundreds of hours in research, writing and editing. Each one gives the reader a huge amount of information they can use to prosper. And each one is available to you for free.

You can do exactly the same thing with your business.

Do you care about helping your customers and prospects get through these hard times? Really, do you? Because if your only objective is to make money, and you really don’t care what happens to anyone else, then I really don’t have anything that will help you.

Take the time to find information about what you do that your customers and prospects can easily put to use for themselves. You know, the smaller, more basics, bits of what you do that others can do for themselves.

Then put that information into a report or e-book and give it away. Just like Rich has done with his reports.

You end up with customers who are better informed, and who are more conscious of what it is you do. You also end up with customers who are thinking of you every time they save a little bit of money because of the information you gave them.

It’s called “building a relationship.” Even the guy or gal who has been coming to you for the past 20 years is someone with whom you can continue to build a relationship. You can make the bond between you deeper and stronger.

Are you starting to see just how very different this will make you? I bet there are a lot of people who read this and think: “Yea, but that means putting out a lot of time, and printing costs, and I probably have to hire someone to write the thing anyway.”

And those are all effective excuses for continuing to do what you’re comfortable doing. Just like GM, big banks and Wall Street.

Be different.

Show your prospects and customers that you understand this most basic business truth: The financial health of a business is a direct consequence of the financial health of its customers.

Not sure what to do, or how to do it? Go ahead and post your question here. It will be a pleasure to get an answer for you.


4 thoughts on “Marketing Success – Just Be Different

  1. laara exsnar

    Just beginning to start a website –am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist—what colors would make people very comfortable when coming to my site? Thanks for the offer-Laara

  2. admin

    Hi Laara,

    Pastels and lighter shades make people comfortable. Stay away from bright, solid colours.

    You might also want to avoid flashy media and banner ads. Having ads on your site is okay, but try to keep them to a minimum. People are coming to your site for information.

    Lots of visitors enjoy seeing a video or listening to audio on sites. It lets them get information without the work of reading.

    Let me know if this is helpful.


  3. admin

    Hi Laara,

    It popped into my mind this morning that you might be considering a background colour for the text on your site. Please don’t.

    Notice how this site uses two nice shades of blue to the right, but the area for content is still black text on a white background. This is the most comfortable arrangement for readers.

    Keep the main area of your pages – the place where people will do the most reading – white with black text. Putting in a background colour only makes it harder to read. i.e. less comfortable.

    After all, do you want visitors to say “Wow. Look at all the pretty colours.” Or, do you want them to say “Wow. Look at all this great content. I just have to come back here to see what she puts up next.”


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