Repurposing Your Blog – Day 1 of the 31 Day Challenge

We all know repurposing content is the perfect way to get the most benefit from every effort.

Fortunately, that isn’t the only meaning for “repurpose.”

As of today, The Marketing Spotlight is being repurposed to focus on the niche my clients are in – Finance and Health & Fitness.

I know…Everyone who knows me is reading this with their mouths hanging open. “Conrad is writing for the Finance market AND the Health market?”

Yea…say it ain’t so…

By the way – there’s a secret in here for all you copywriters and marketers. I won’t be leaving you empty handed – not by a long shot.

For those who don’t know me – I positively detest writing copy for Finance or Health. So why I am focussed on those markets, right?

Ah, my young padawan…therein lies the ancient secret I just came up with this year…  😉
The answer is: I’m not writing what we all recognise as Financial or Health copy. Nope. I’m writing for – and more importantly, with – accountants and doctors. Two groups of people who are quite cool, and who, I’ve discovered, often don’t care too much for financial or health copy either.

So for the first day of my 31 day blog challenge, I’ve written an elevator speech. You know, that short little spiel you’re supposed to put together (and never quite get around to) that makes it easy for you to tell other people what it is you do. Yea, that elevator speech. Only this time, I did a tagline at the same time. (Hey, that kinda rhymes.)

Here’s the new tagline:
Showing Accountants and Physicians how to stop trading time for dollars.

And here’s the speech:
The Marketing Spotlight shows you how to grow your business – and how to diversify it – so you can enjoy the freedom and financial security you’ve worked so hard for.

You can always grow your business bigger, but that leads to more responsibility, more employees and usually a lot more headaches. But growing your business by strategically diversifying it will lead you to freedom and security.

That’s what the advice on The Marketing Spotlight is for.

Here you’ll see what to market – your services, yes, and your knowledge.

Where to market it – through social media, and by using e-books, teleseminars, video and other channels.

And how to market it – using traditional direct marketing plus today’s tools – e-mail, e-zines, list building, social media marketing and more.

That’s it – I think it’s a little long, but it says what I want it to. Which brings me to everyone who has been reading this blog because you’re a copywriter or marketer. How does my repurposing the blog to serve accountants and physicians do anything to help you – like I promised?

Hmmm…glad you asked, I am, my young padawan. (Okay, I’ve been hanging out with friends and their kids are nuts for Star Wars.)

If I’m showing accountants and physicians how to use information products and social media – do you think you can use what I’m showing my clients to build and diversify your business? Yea, I think you can, too.

And here’s a super bonus – Since I’m showing my clients what to do, aren’t I showing you how to serve your clients, too? Hmmm…maybe so.

So if you follow along with what I do in social media, here on my blog, my website and all my other business activities…hmmm…you just might be getting your own, free coaching in how to run a successful business as a copywriter, marketing consultant and marketer. Not too shabby.

So stick with me. There are 30 more days to this challenge. Let’s see where we get to by the end of it.

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