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I wanted to make this post last night, but “general life” happened…  🙂

Rich Schefren, CEO and founder of Strategic Profits, is spending an hour with me on the phone next week. It’s part of book project I”m doing on List Building.

You can imagine the hardest thing is choosing which questions to ask! How do you fit it all into an hour?

Of course, you don’t…you find the Golden Thread for the interview – just like a sales letter. You look for, and choose, that one theme for the interview. There’ll be lots of questions to “flesh it out,” but everything has to centre around – be woven around – that golden thread.

And you never know, maybe Rich will agree to do another call to answer more questions.

Next week, the golden thread is List Building – and more specifically – what is it that Rich does? Think about it for a minute…he has built valuable lists in the clothing industry, hypnosis therapy, and internet marketing. You can’t ask for three more widely separated markets – and Rich did phenomenally well in all three?

Don’t you want to know how he did it? I sure do!

You can see the great content he has put together for internet marketing – plus it’s free content, too!

You know, I think it comes down to having an attitude that says “I honestly want to help people.” That’s definitely something I’ll be asking…That desire to help, to genuinely benefit others, must be  a big part of what moves Rich to be thorough, do all his research, and over-deliver on his promises.

What do you think? What would you ask Rich about List Buildling if you had the chance to speak with him for an hour?

Another question I have is how Rich moves people from getting his free offers to being customers. After all, no one’s in business to just give stuff away. And what makes Rich so valuable to all his clients is precisely that he builds lists that result in higher profits.

How does he do it? I mean, is it some secret he found through testing or maybe good luck? Or is it something he saw and learned when he studied strategic planning and worked for Arthur Anderson?

Wherever his method came from, he’s managed to refine it well. Just look at the success stories from his coaching clients. John Carlton, Mike Filsame, Tellman Knudson…the list is incredible – and these are just the ones who’ve made themselves famous.

The list of people who’ve achieved success because of Rich is a whole lot longer than what any of us see on his web site. Even on the limitless real estate of the internet, I don’t think there’s quite room enough to write down the whole list.  😉

Can you tell I”m excited to be getting an hour of Rich’s time?

It’s actually because I’m doing this project with Bob. When I asked Rich to do the interview – last year at ETR’s Bootcamp – he said “Anything for Bob.” Doesn’t that tell you a lot about him?

Rich didn’t even blink. He said Bob has helped him lots of times, and he’s happy to do anything to help Bob in return. That’s pretty cool.

I’d better go…It’s past 7, and I have writing to do – 3 books on the go now, and I STILL have to finish my web site! How clear it is – I listen carefully to Rich – I know I’m getting in my own way – that’s why the site isn’t done.

Want to know the great thing? It’s clear because I’m truly listening…Do “A” and get it done. Then do “B” and get it done…You can see where this is going…

Trying to do “A”, and “B” and “C,” and everything else we all have to get done in a day, ends up making progress harder to achieve. Now it’s a matter of turning the knowledge into a habit. That’s what I’m working on.

Now it’s time to put a script together – a list of questions – for next week’s interview. This is exciting!

Do you have a question you’d like to ask Rich about List Building? Let me know what it is and I’ll fit it into the interview. Just post it here as a comment.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day.


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