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Knowing Your Target Market – The Chained Duck Prospers Off The Web

It’s called Le Canard Enchainé (The Chained Duck).

Published since 1915, it does quite well today with a minimal web presence. Mostly it uses the URL so scammers can’t pose as the newspaper.

You can visit their web page at www.lecanardenchaine.fr. And Google does a fairly good job of translating the page.

This is just one example of a business that’s moving along swimmingly without a lot of bother about the internet, mobile marketing or social media. In fact, they are social media. Their paper is circulated and talked about all around the world.

Keep in mind that this is also a media that the cow-pattie gurus and pundits keep saying is dead, dying or otherwise on its way out. Yet this little, 8 page, French newspaper has an international base of loyal readers.
It may not be of interest to you and me. Then again, you and I aren’t from France, and this paper specialises in satirical stories about the French elite.

The question – and answer – that’s here for us is: How are we specialised?

We need to know who is our target audience, and how Continue reading

Real World Lessons For Why Less Is More

Sounds like a load of crap, doesn’t it? “Less is more…”

86 people paying $97/month equals $100,104 per year. Small number of people paying a fairly small sum.

Groupon says 80% of people actually redeem their daily deal coupon. And retailers hope that’s true because when that number goes up, they really start losing money. Now we have a lot of people getting a big discount and it’s driving business owners out of business.

This week, the whole show is focused on getting the real meaning of phrases such as “Go Big Or Go Home,” and “Bigger Is Better.” There are good uses for these phrases. The problem is that we’ve forgotten what they are.

Hear the solution on Social Media: Cheap and Easy.

From LinkedIn to Facebook to Google and Yahoo – everyone is enraptured with the idea of having access to a huge audience.

Open Networkers on LinkedIn think they’re making a value statement when they declare having thousands of first level contacts. The gurus and pundits declare there’s inherent value in advertising on Facebook and Google because of their massive audiences. But how many of those first level contacts do the open networkers actually have relationships with? And just how many people seeing your ad on Facebook or Google are going to do business with you?

The answers to these questions are clear in our first story. We look at specific reasons why people WON’T click on your ads, and just how much value is in someone having thousands of first level contacts on LinkedIn. These are real world lessons for why less is more.

In our second story, we look at the trend toward mobile computing. “Everyone” has a smartphone (actually, smartphones account for around 37% of cell phone usage), is getting a tablet, or has an Apple device, right?

Well why should that matter to you and your business? It’s corny, I know, but just like our mom’s always said: Just because your friends jump off a bridge, does that mean you jump, too?

There are a lot of folks screaming about one of the many new and shiny objects. They’ll tell you each one means the difference between life and death for your business. Right. That’s pure poppycock.

Get the straight story now on Social Media: Cheap and Easy.

I have said from the beginning that business have survived quite nicely without the internet and social media, and they can go on surviving without using them. Can these things bring in new customers, create new sales, and make for a better customer experience? Yes, they can. And I agree that you should give serious thought to using them. But they are a long way from determining the success or failure of your business.

Listen in and hear what the trends are with mobile computing among consumers. More importantly, hear just how simple it is to tune in to these trends and benefit your business.

Then we wrap up the show with some resources you can use – online resources – to get inexpensive office space, book events and even sell physical products.

And most importantly, we close this week’s show with a few choice words about what “bigger is better” really means. And you hear how you really should “go big or go home.” It all revolves around the Value Of One.

Hear it all in one place: Social Media: Cheap and Easy. Then start the conversation here with your viewpoint, agreement, criticism or comment.

Small Business Needs Fewer Marketing Channels?

Welcome to our newest members. 1485 new readers have joined us in the last 7 days. Your readership and participation are much appreciated.

There’s been a sort of explosion in small business using websites, social media and e-mail over the last year. Unfortunately, the results aren’t what everyone was promised. Let’s have a look at what’s happening and why.

A common – and very useful – marketing principle is that all businesses should use as many marketing channels as they can.

This means, for example, that a dentist (or any business) Continue reading

Your Newest Revenue Creator


We’ve spent the past year planning, testing and developing a teleseminar series for small business owners.

The whole purpose is to show small business owners how to enter the Internet Marketplace in a reliable, ethical, responsible manner using the three Continue reading