When you stumble – how to live, learn and recover

Good Morning,

We all know the axioms.

“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

“You have only failed when you refuse to get up.”

And one that always inspires a dry chuckle: “It isn’t whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”

Some day I’ll share the full extent of my stumble, and everything it has meant to me. (Oooh – how very deep and forboding!!) For today, let’s just skate across the surface.

A couple of months ago, I launched the world’s first E-Book Tele-Workshop Series. In the process, I discovered there’s a lot I don’t know – and there’s a boatload of work involved in such a project.

Yep, I stumbled. Had to take a thumping on my manly pride, suspend the series, and re-group for a re-launch. Here’s what I’ve learned about what to do when the poop splatters the fan.

Be honest with yourself so you can find the spots where you’re weak. Then find people who can help you make up for the weakness. In my case, Gary Rockis is supplying business experience and knowledge, and showing me how to handle the whole “money side” of a project.

Johnny Meehan is handling all (and I mean ALL) the tech stuff and teaching me at the same time. (If you ever get the chance to work with Johnny – jump at it. I”d say the same for Gary, but I don’t plan on sharing him.)

Once you have people helping you – listen to them.

Gary flew into Toronto for three days so we could work together and set the foundation for the tele-workshop re-launch. For three days I listened, did as I was told, and let Gary see my hopes and dreams.

Remember this: A man without fear is not brave – he is a fool. Courage lets you accept your shortcomings and the help you needs to overcome them – be you man or woman.

Here are two important things I’ve learned about recovering after a stumble:

“Thank you” is a powerful phrase. It makes you feel incredibly good to be able to write someone a note and say thanks for something they have done. There are people I haven’t ever met to whom I have been able to write an honest “thank you” for their efforts. It makes me feel good to know people are supportive and rooting for my success.

The other is how to “talk” to people when you’re writing.

There are vendors, colleagues, experts and customers to deal with for this project. Heck, most of you reading this blog fit into one or more of those categories. Let me use just the experts to give you an example – that usually helps me be clearer.

There are 17 experts I am approaching for their involvement in the E-Book Tele-Workshop Series. My relationship with each one is different.

One is a mentor to me. Another is a client. Johnny is a vendor to me as well as a friend and expert. When it comes to Clayton Makepeace, my relationship is actually with his joint venture manager.

At the same time, they are all experts I want to invite to participate. That means I have the same purpose for sending each of them an e-mail. To some extent, I must be able to use a form letter or template to get the invitations started.

Take the time to write down the things you want to say to every expert. Maybe it’s only one or two things – maybe it’s a dozen.

I wrote them at the top of a blank page. Then I drew a line across the page then started making notes under it for each expert. (I just used the Topical Outline as my way to organise the notes.)

For each expert, I made notes about what we have done together and specific points to cover for that person.

Then I wrote a custom invitation for each one based on the notes.

It isn’t rocket science, but it sure helps to have a system. The system reassures me that I haven’t missed someone or something.

That’s it. Another crystal of wisdom from the land of ice and snow. 😉

Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I’ll be posting next week, but not on Christmas or Boxing Day. I’ll post on New Year’s day.

Give me a present for Christmas – send an e-mail to all your friends – give them my blog address (www.themarketingspotlight.com) – and tell them what you think of me.

2 thoughts on “When you stumble – how to live, learn and recover

  1. Cindy King

    Hi Conrad,

    Yes, you have us all interested to find out how far you stumbled… and yes, it’s natural for you to feel it strongly, but…

    I think everyone that jumps into internet marketing goes through steep learning curves, and there are so many of them! If there were just one or two it would be easy to deal with.

    And then add a “business” into the mix and it gets complicated to do all by yourself.

    Good luck to you! Patiently waiting for your tele-seminar series, which I’m sure will be valuable to all of us.

  2. Vern Brown

    I see you’re another one whose birthday seems to get lost in the Christmas rush. My anniversary is the 27th and my birthday is the 31st [10 minutes ‘before’ the new year].
    As they say: “I know your pain!” *Actually, I don’t have pain… I love this season…
    Vern Brown
    P.S. And a Very Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family.
    “Christ” is the reason for the season!!
    P.S. I live in Alberta

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