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Rich Schefren’s GPS is a maybe…

GPS is short for guided profit system.

Rich has taken his GPS system, updated it and made it even better than it was the first time around. And he’s releasing GPS 2.0 tomorrow!

Obviously I like Rich, and I know he puts a lot of heart, and a lot of energy, into everything he does. You only have to read any one of his free reports to realize — Rich gets it. He wants you to succeed and he’s Continue reading

Editorial Copywriting – the uniquely common niche


When’s the last time you heard someone mention Editorial Copywriting?

I’ll bet it happened when you were standing next to me or Bob Bly.

Google tells me the keyword phrase “editorial copywriting” is searched only 36 times each month. That’s incredible when you consider Continue reading

Aweber – a great business partner


This is the “regular” post I promised earlier today. Here’s the back story:

I’ve been using Aweber for about a year and am ENTIRELY satisfied with what they do. They also have good support, and lots of educational resources. You can even take articles from their site and use them for content – just be sure to give attibution to Aweber.

Recently, I decided to start promoting Aweber as an affiliate. After all, I like their service, it’s well priced, and everybody needs an e-mail manager service.

Naturally, I registered a domain name –

A couple days later, I got an e-mail from Continue reading

List Segmentation – What it means-How to do it


First, let me apologise to Sandman. He asked about list segmentation and my plan was to write a post about it yesterday.

Sandman, I apologise. A friend needed a shoulder and I put that ahead of writing yesterday’s post.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

  1. I’ll go through list segmentation quickly here
  2. In next month’s The Testing Spotlight, I’ll cover it fully
  3. Later today, I’ll write today’s actualy post – it’s about Aweber (specifically Sean Cohen) and how they have helped me over the last 6 or 7 days. Good stuff.

List Segmentation

It means splitting Continue reading

Amazon Promotions Build Your List

An Amazon Promotion, or Amazon Push Campaign, is when an author makes a one day effort to “push” his book to bestseller status on

To do it, the author needs people with lists to send his promotional e-mails. They’re usually his friends, affiliates and fellow marketers. She also needs people to supply bonus items for the push campaign.

Often, the bonuses are what induce people to purchase the author’s book. It’s the opportunity to get some “extras” that pushes people over the line to become buyers. (You can see why it’s called a push campaign.)

There are two basic strategies Continue reading

Your Newest Revenue Creator


We’ve spent the past year planning, testing and developing a teleseminar series for small business owners.

The whole purpose is to show small business owners how to enter the Internet Marketplace in a reliable, ethical, responsible manner using the three Continue reading

Repurpose Your Content


Lot’s of people talk about repurposing content. I’ve even mentioned here in this blog.

A new facet of repurposing has come up in my work.

It turns out that work I’m doing on a new List Building book with Bob Bly is also useful to me for the teleseminar project I’m developing.

Add to that – both projects are obviously Continue reading

Automation – not always a good thing


It’s late – almost 11. But I need to share this…

Two things actually, and I’ll get to the automation in a second.

I just spent about 2 hours chatting with Nancy Sabatini – a lady who knows wine as well as I know carpentry, and who has the passion to drive her own business.

Trust this – you’re going to be hearing a lot about Nancy in the next 12 months. I predict that she’ll make a partnership Continue reading